Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If You Believe, Then …. (Part II)

  • If you believe in diversity, then you should not be angry when jobs go overseas because education standards are lowered.
  • If you believe in climate change, then why do you support renewable energies which are dependent on climate and stable weather patterns (renewable energy sources will obviously be rendered obsolete if weather patterns change)?
  • If you believe in entitlements, then why do you support abortion (entitlements require a large taxpayer base to sustain them)?
  • If you believe in expanding entitlements for more Americans, then how does the government sustain this burden if the taxpayer base to pay for entitlements is shrinking?
  • If you believe in taxing the wealthy more, then what tax rate do you find acceptable for them? Keep in mind if the government taxed the top 1% at a 100% rate, it would not account for paying off one third of our national debt this year alone. Also, most analysis show that a tax rate higher than 35% (local, state, and federal combined) reduces incentives to earn more and therefore, lowers economic growth and lowers employment (Laffer Effect).
  • If you believe education, food, housing, and healthcare should be free then how do you propose to pay for it (these items account for over one half of U.S. GDP)?
  • If you believe everyone should be a vegan, then how do you propose to feed the global population if over half of its food supply is off limits (keep in mind that today, one third of the worlds’ population is already underfed)?
  • If you believe the government is the answer to our problems, then why are they so far in debt (hint – waste, fraud, redundancy, and bureaucracy)?
  • If you do not believe in food additives, chemicals, and growth hormones, then how do you propose we meet the demand of feeding 315 million people in the U.S alone (this is an economic problem based on supply and demand)?
  • If you believe in gun ownership restrictions, then amend the Constitution.
  • If you believe corporations are greedy and evil, then why do you use the products they produce?
  • If you believe in lowering the costs of healthcare, then why are you unhealthy?
  • If you believe that CO2 is causing manmade climate change, then why is your lifestyle and personal footprint emitting CO2?
  • If you believe the economy is doing poorly, then why do you support cap and trade policies?
  • If you choose not to work and to be unproductive, then what you gives you the right to accept income from hard working and productive Americans?
  • If you do not believe in big government, then you should not accept any help from any government agencies.
  • If you believe waterboarding violates civil liberties, then why do you think it is acceptable to execute enemies and innocent civilians (i.e. al Awlaki, bin Laden, drone attacks)?
  • If you believe Citizens United was a poor decision because money is not free speech, then explain how burning the American Flag is free speech (money is just as much a freedom of expression as burning the American flag)?
  • If you do not believe the Iraq war was necessary because they were not a threat to our national security, then why was our involvement in Libya acceptable?
  • If you do not believe in God and religion, then you should not accept any charity from religious organizations.
  • If you believe in something, then you should practice what you preach and if you must complain about something, then offer solutions without placing blame.

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  1. Wow ... your "If you Believe, Then ..." series is very thought-provoking, Patrick! I am curious, to whom are you directing your challenges? You seem to hit everyone (and I like that).