Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (10/20/11)

I am not sure why the "enter" key is ingnored in this editor to make paragraphs. You can view the same blog at I am just not sure how long this site will remain active. China – The Senate voted to place sanctions on trade with China. This type of protectionism will continue to work against our economy. Post Office – The House oversight committee has released a video detailing how the taxpayers will continue to bailout the failing government entity. Palestine – A survey by Palestine Center for Public Opinion found that only 30% of Arabs living in East Jerusalem want the city to be controlled by a Palestine State instead of Israel. Wasserman-Schultz – In an interview on Fox, the DNC chair claims “Americans didn’t elect Democrats to create jobs”. Bill Clinton – In an address Clinton said that now is not the time (during a recession) to raise taxes on any Americans. Green Companies – Investigators are looking into 5 billion dollars in loans to a plethora of green companies from the Energy Department this past week. After all, government subsidies cannot create a market where one does not exist. A few million or billion dollars cannot create demand and lower costs significantly. Trade Deals – Democrats have finally gotten on board to end a decade of partisanship over trade agreements. Congress has passed trade deals with Panama, Columbia, and South Korea. Finally, this is some actual federal policy that may work to create jobs instead of killing jobs. Bill Maher – The offensive liberal talk show host has made the suggestion that the Occupy Wall Street movement should start to use violence. Iranian Plot – Some are suggesting that the Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Arabia Ambassador to the U.S. was fabricated by the DOJ to deflect attention from Fast and Furious. Traitors – Senators Lieberman and Brown introduced legislation to strip traitors of their U.S. citizenship in the wake of the al-Awlaki assignation. Pelosi – The House minority leader claims that Republicans “Want women to die on the floor” if they do not agree to federal abortion funding. Fast and Furious – Apparently, president Obama knew about the operation before Holder – how is that possible? This is more proof that Holder perjured himself. Federal Budget – It has been 900 days since the Senate passed a fiscal budget. Uganda – President Obama has ordered about 100 US troops to the African hotspot to train citizens to fight the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). I personally do not have a problem with this, but White House policy towards global genocide is inconsistent at best. Friday Dump – This is some of the unflattering information dumped by the White House last Friday – They killed a long-term care insurance program, which was part of ObamaCare due to financial solvency concerns; the government finished the fiscal year 1.3 trillion dollars in debt (2nd worse all-time, only Obama’s 1.4 trillion dollar debt in 2009 was worse); George Kaiser, a billionaire that backed Obama and Solyndra paid no taxes last year; and off course sending ground troops into Uganda. My Book: Is America Dying? (, Barnes and Noble)

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  1. Read the lowlights and, as always, great summation on your part, Patrick. Can't say as I blame you regarding the site. If I were you, I would do the same thing. Very frustrating indeed! Have you considered WP .. it takes some getting used to but it works great for me now.