Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Green Hysteria

Green hysteria is everywhere, and soon it will be like the dot com bubble. The green industry will be a three to five trillion dollar a year business that will collapse and cripple global economic markets. To give you an idea of the green hysteria around the globe, Time Magazine, rated the 50 best inventions for 2010 and over a third had something to do with saving our environment or being green. Number 2 was a near waterless washing machine; number 8 was a plastic fur coat; number 11 was a Bloom Box (hydrogen energy cell); number 15 was Bio Couture (fabric made from bacteria); number 16 was a method for faster growing salmon; number 17 was for road embedded chargers; number 18 was the Straddling Bus (anti gridlock); number 19 was the Edison Car (lightweight and aerodynamic car); number 20 was the Electric Car; number 21 was the Electric Car Charging Station; number 23 was a Plastic Bottle Boat; number 24 was the Amtrak Beef Powered Train (20% biodiesel); number 37 was the Deep Green Underwater Kite (generates green electricity); number 40, 41, and 42 are various Body Powered Devices (converts human body energy to green energy); and number 47 was a Power Aware Cord. Do not get me wrong, I am an avid outdoors person, and would love to keep our planet clean and to protect our valuable natural resources. But to do this we must apply reasonable ideas. Most of the ideas listed above are unreasonable for various reasons, but the main culprits are cost and practicality. For instance, eBay and Google installed a Bloom Box as the backup generators for their companies at a cost of nearly one million dollars. And what makes the Bloom Box impractical? For starters it is run on natural gas and secondly, in the case of Google and eBay it is a backup system only used when there is a power outage. Mostly, this is a propaganda attempt by both eBay and Google to indoctrinate the public and media that they are indeed green conscience (smoke and mirrors). The Edison Car is light and gets great mileage, but it is too expensive and is a death trap. A 20% biodiesel train will never translate into capital gains, and it will do next to nothing to curb global carbon emissions. The underwater kites return on investment is measured in years and the entire Pacific Ocean needs to be populated with them to power the globe. The body powered devices generate enough power each day to partially charge an IPod. The plastic bottle boat and the plastic fur coat are just silly. It is surprising that a method to farm salmon and grow them faster made the list since this type of activity is sacrilegious in the progressive world. Imagine the uproar if someone found a way to grow cattle and pigs faster. Sure, there are some creative ideas and they can help curb carbon emissions, but only negligibly. The bottom line is that most of these products and ideas will go belly up because the bang for the buck is just not practical. The problem with the inventors and the public when it comes to green hysteria is that they all think about solving the problem from the same dead end perspective. All green ideas solve how to conserve energy and how to create renewable energies. However, very few astute people are looking at the problem from another perspective – how to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. That is the problem that needs to be solved and it will render any of the above ideas and the whole green energy market, as we know it today, obsolete. If a method is obtained to remove CO2 from the atmosphere – individuals and corporations can operate without any lifestyle changes. This concept will be explored further in this blog. My Book: Is America Dying? (Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble)

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  1. 100% agree that, "Green hysteria is everywhere, and soon it will be like the dot com bubble." Great context setter for your post, Patrick!

    Great read here, as always. Q., any way to break into paragraphs? My eyeballs are older and I have difficulty reading scrunched together text (hope you don't think I am being a pain!).