Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (10/13/11)

Obama’s Press Conference – If you missed it last week, you did not miss much – here was his message: Pass his jobs bill that Democrats won’t vote for; Occupy Wall Street expresses the people’s frustration; he is sticking with Eric Holder despite his perjured testimony on Fast and Furious; Solyndra was Bush’s fault; and he side stepped questions about Pakistan and their role in terrorist attacks against the U.S. in Afghanistan. Fast and Furious – Documents indicate that Eric Holder was briefed regularly on operation Fast and Furious as early as July 5, 2010 despite claims he knew nothing about the operation until the middle of this year. There is little question that Holder committed perjury, but I seriously doubt any charges will be filed. In fact, Holder sent a letter to Congress this past week reiterating his testimony was accurate and truthful despite documents that say the opposite. Holder has officially been subpoenaed by Congress to testify about the operation. Unions – Former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer, Fran Tarkenton, came out against unions after witnessing the NFL strike earlier this year and the Wisconsin teacher labor dispute. Trade Agreements – I do not know what took so long, but the National Review is reporting that the White House is now pressuring Congress to pass a few trade agreements with foreign countries. You know those agreements (especially NAFTA) that Obama blasted on the campaign trail by misinforming the American people when he claimed trade agreements force jobs to go overseas. ESPN – The media company made a political statement when it refused to air Hank Williams Jr. pregame song on Monday Night Football because of critical comments he made about the president. Williams’ comments were over the top, but this is arguably a breach of his first amendment rights. TSA – There are reports that they are forcing breast cancer survivors to remove their prosthetic breasts during airport screenings. Gun Laws – A Washington DC circuit court upheld the ban on certain weaponry, declaring Washington DC’s gun law ban is constitutional. Bank of America (BoA) – Democrats are taking shots at BoA for their new 5 dollar fee for using debit cards. Remember, it was the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation that has forced banks to find new methods to recover lost revenue. The American Jobs Act – Obama has expressed anger that House Republicans are blocking his jobs plan, but our partisan president did not express any anger towards Senate Democrats for blocking his jobs plan (McConnell pushed for a vote, but Reid declined). In fact, Reid passed a nuclear motion, 51-49, to make it harder (changed Senate rules) for the minority group in the Senate to force the majority party into “uncomfortable” votes on legislation. Finally, the Democrat lead Senate voted and rejected the proposal (Got 50 votes, needed 60). Central Falls, Rhode Island – The small city has filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy because it cannot afford to pay city workers over 20 million dollars in unfunded liabilities. Michelle Obama – Her trip to Africa cost the taxpayer’s 424,000 dollars and she listed her two children as senior staffers so the taxpayers can pay for them too. Black Panther Party – Andrew Brietbart has released pictures of Senator Obama marching with the Black Panther Party in 2007. Italy – Moody’s has downgraded Italy bonds by 3 credit levels. Welfare – During the 3rd quarter of 2010, 44% of all Americans received some form of welfare, that number was 48.5% for the 1st quarter of 2010. My Book: Is America Dying? (, Barnes and Noble)

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