Monday, October 17, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (10/17/11)

Joe Biden – When Biden was addressing a class of 5th graders he told them that all of our nations’ problems are due to former President Bush. Solyndra – Jonathon Silver, the head of the energy department loan program has resigned in the wake of the Solyndra scandal. Bernie Sanders – The Vermont independent (socialist) Senator says America works when “productive Americans give to unproductive Americans”. Occupy Wall Street – It is becoming evident that the people in these protests have no clue why they are protesting. Some cannot even answer the question while others are demanding free college education and healthcare. This is realistic, right – everything for free? Do these people understand there is no such thing as free; somebody has to pay for it. In fact, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow claims the incoherent and unfocused message is “genius”. And what is worse, most of the people in protests are hypocrites because they have on their possession phones, cameras, video cameras, IPods, signs, clothes, accessories, hair dye, glasses, makeup, and other items made by the corporations they detest. Other reports have surfaced that many of the protestors have been paid to protest against capitalism. How is that for irony? At an Atlanta rally, the demonstrators refused to let Georgia Representative, Jon Lewis, a civil rights leader speak. One protest manifesto defines a laborer pay scale that shows a doctor making 500 dollars more a year than laborer and engineers a mere 5 thousand dollars more than laborers. This makes little sense, why would anyone want to fall hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt (education loans) only to make a few pennies more than a high school dropout. A doctor would not have enough money to even open a practice. This would lead to a shortage of technical workers and doctors and it will doom the United States economy. Boston’s Occupy protest was over accused terrorist, Tarek Mehanna, whom they claim is a victim of Islamophobia. There were at least 50 arrests at the Boston event. The media has also gotten on board praising the protests. Diane Sawyer said the Occupy movement has spread to 1000 countries (there are not even 200 nations around the globe). And let’s make something clear: no politician in history has received more money from Wall Street firms than Obama; Pelosi has gotten more money from Wall Street than any House member in history; and the DNC receives 50% more money in campaign contributions from Wall Street than the RNC. Lawrence O’Donnell – The smug MSNBC host tried to smear Herman Cain’s military service during an interview saying it was not worthy of being Commander-in-Chief. First, O’Donnell never served in the military, nor did Barack Obama who incidentally never faced a similar onslaught of questions by O’Donnell or by any liberal media commentator. George Soros – The billionaire, who wants to pay more in taxes, is still trying to clear his name from a 2002 conviction in France for insider trading. Fast and Furious – Ten Arizona Sheriffs are on record wanting a special counsel to investigate Eric Holder. One hundred guns from the operation were recovered at the home of Torres Marrufo, a ruthless drug leader. Al Sharpton – On his MSNBC program Sharpton said it was Democrats who pushed for the Civil Rights passage in 1964 when in fact, more Republicans (by a 20% margin) supported the legislation than Democrats. Without 80% of the Republican vote the measure would have never gotten its two-thirds majority for passage. Iran – U.S. authorities have foiled an Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Arabia Ambassador to the United States. The plot was to take place on U.S. soil and target the Saudi Arabia embassy with explosives. The plan was to bring the explosives into the United States via our unprotected Southern border using Mexican drug cartels. My Book: Is America Dying? (, Barnes and Noble)

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