Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obama's Weekly Lowlights (5/18/11)

Hamas - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refuses to rule out negotiations with Hamas, the terrorist group that rules Gaza and recently mourned the death of Osama bin Laden.

Pakistan - Pakistan's foreign minister has called into question the legality of the operation to kill Osama bin Laden, stating that the US might have breached his country's sovereignty.

UN - Fox News reports, "A United Nations-sponsored report into the causes of a deadly cholera outbreak that ravaged Haiti in the wake of its disastrous 2010 earthquake has discovered a culprit -- the U.N. itself."

ObamaCare - The House GOP are back to work writing legislation to dismantle Obamacare this week.

Offshore Drilling – The House passed a bipartisan bill to make it easier for oil companies to drill off our shores to help combat oil prices. In other news, Democrats in the Senate have a proposal to eliminate 21 billion dollars in tax incentives for oil companies.

Rights of Nature – A liberal group (including Van Jones) is trying to give animals, water, and air the same rights as humans in a court of law.

Bowl Championship Series (BCS) – The Department of Justice has a new target and that is college football’s BCS. They feel the BCS system violates anti-trust laws. Besides, Obama has made it clear he wants to see a playoff system over the current BCS system.

Lifeguards – California lifeguards have retired on million dollar pensions and lived lavishly on 200,000 dollar salaries.

Education – The department of education sent letters to school districts around the country last week reminding them they cannot deny any child an education regardless of their citizenship. This was the result of a 1982 Supreme Court decision (Plyler v. Doe).

Corporations – A new report by the Wall Street Journal showed that the evil CEOs of the top 20 Fortune 500 companies donated more money to the Democrats in 2010 than to Republicans (55% to 45%). I wonder if they still want to repeal the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision?

Guantanamo – In a speech in Paris, France, Attorney General, Eric Holder, vowed that he will still close Gitmo. In other news, there is talk about allowing detainees to have visitors at the detention center.

Ethnic Studies – The battle continues in Tucson, Arizona over whether or not to allow a Mexican-American studies program (La Razza). Much of the material used to teach ethnic studies to 3rd graders is loaded with explicit language.

Immigration Reform – The Obama administration has started to push his amnesty reform legislation again. I guess a budget will have to wait. And the Center for Immigration Studies came out with a report that 57% of all legal and illegal immigrant families use at least one welfare program compared to 39% of native born Americans.

McDonalds – Over 25% of the private sector jobs added in April 2010 were filled by McDonalds. Not sure if this is exactly what the President and Democrats had in mind for economic growth?

Greece – They received a 110 billion dollar bailout by other members of the European Union, but it has failed to work and they are demanding more money.

1984 – Orwell may have been off by 27 years. San Antonio, Texas schools have spent 2 million dollars to install cameras to watch what food and how much food is ingested by each child to record calorie intake.

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