Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obama's Pro-Muslim Policies

Obama may not be a Muslim, but there is no question where his loyalties lie over the Middle East peace process. Let’s summarize Obama’s Middle East foreign policy.

First, Obama claims his foreign policy is not to dictate or interfere, but to listen to other nations (Laissez Faire). This policy seems to apply to all countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other rogue nations, but not Israel. That is right, Obama clearly sides with Palestine over Israel.

Obama has ties to Pro-Palestinian historian Rashid Khalidi and Obama’s Middle East policies mirror Khalidi’s radical ideology for the region.

Obama, as President, has visited and given speeches in several Muslim nations including Egypt and Turkey, but he has not stepped foot inside Israel. And what’s worse, Obama’s speeches are an apology for U.S. involvement to save persecuted Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans.

Obama has pressured Israel to stop building settlements in disputed 1967 territories such as the West Bank, Golan Heights, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, their capital. What’s worse, Israel can’t build new settlements to accommodate for natural population growth. Israel is a very small nation, about 20,600km². When the disputed territories from 1967 are added, Israel is about 27,700km² or about 1/7th the size of New York State. Israel’s population (including disputed territories) is about 7.75 million people. Of which only 76% are Jews and about 16% are Muslims. Israel agreed and stopped building new settlements in all disputed territories with the exception of East Jerusalem, but this was not acceptable for Obama and obviously the Palestinians. Jewish population growth is very modest, under 2%, so why can’t they expand to meet this population growth? On the other hand, what concessions did Obama dictate from Palestine? Nothing! All concessions for Peace must come from Israel. Is this fair? Of course not! Imagine the outrage if Israel asked the Muslims that live within their borders to stop procreating and building new homes. In fact, Muslims that live in Israel are the biggest burden on its welfare system, but Israel is not trying to rid themselves of this burden – they know that would be wrong.

In a more recent speech, Obama not only wants Israel to stop building settlements, but he expects them to concede all the disputed territories from 1967 to Palestine. No President in U.S. history has ever echoed such an extreme Mideast foreign policy. Once again, what is Palestine going to concede in this compromise? Nothing! The only reason these disputed territories were formulated was because Israel needed a buffer zone to protect themselves from constant missile attack and invasion. Muslim aggression brought about these boundaries. Arab nations tried everything to wipe out Israel including cutting off their water supply.

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