Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obama's Pro-Muslim Policies (Part II)

Obama’s Middle East policy towards Muslim uprisings and revolutions across the region is even more confusing. The Arab spring, as predicted by many pundits, has come to fruition. Many Arabs want democracy, similar to the one created in Iraq, but many of the revolutionary groups have ties to radical Islam or terrorism. For instance, groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, has ties to Hamas, now have a voice in Egypt. Obama’s use of military force in Libya would be acceptable, if and only if, those people he is supporting will build a democracy. First of all, Obama is not seeing the Libya mission through, and second of all, we do not know what the revolutionists envision for the future of Libya. One thing is certain, were there is chaos, there are extreme Islamic groups trying to gain power amongst the masses. And these radical groups have one primary vision – to annihilate Israel and to terrorize the West. Where Obama and our intelligence agencies are failing to install democracies in these Arab nations, countries like Iran are succeeding at influencing protestors to implement their radical ideology in their new government. Obama has a great opportunity to influence the outcome of these protests, but his Libya strategy shows he is unwilling to see the conflict through to its conclusion. And implementing sanctions against a current government that is using force to end protests does not ensure a democracy will prevail. But what is most confusing is that as these uprisings occur, Obama is resonating a message that Israel (the only stable government in the region), not Muslims, need to make huge concessions and sacrifices to ensure peace in the region. Obama’s strategy seems to be one to sit back and see what happens with all the protests and uprisings. It does not seem to matter to Obama if more anti-Israel or anti-American governments take form in the Middle East. After all, Obama is practicing his Laissez Faire foreign policy in the region, except of course, with Israel.

Yes, the Obama Middle East policy is to turn its back on the only stable democratic state in the region and to support a plethora of archaic regimes. Regimes that fail to recognize the rights of women and homosexuals. Regimes that oppress their people while they live a lavish lifestyle gained from oil riches. Regimes that may soon be overrun by extremists with ties to radical Islam and terrorist organizations. Is this a sound foreign policy that will guarantee stability in the region?

Sure, Obama has stated that Palestine must recognize Israel’s right to exist. But at what cost? The cost of erasing 65 years of history! And do we really think that Muslims will agree to allow Israel to exist as a state even at the proposed pre-1967 borders? Absolutely not! Muslims cannot handle a racist cartoon let alone allowing their enemies the right to exist. So, if Muslims fail to agree to pre-1967 borders, what is the next step? Maybe the answer is to eliminate a few more years of history and dismantle Israel completely and forcibly remove 7 million Jews. And if that is not sufficient enough, maybe we can eliminate a few more years of history and deny the Holocaust ever happened. That may finally be a proposal acceptable to Palestinians, Muslims, and maybe even Obama. Obama can then claim another historical precedent – resolving the Middle East conflict.

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