Sunday, May 22, 2011

Minority Leadership (Part II)

If a black person speaks against and warns other blacks about using the “race card”, Jackson and Sharpton would label this individual as an “Uncle Tom”. “Uncle Tom” was a term used to characterize a slave during the nineteenth century who became institutionalized. In other words, they became used to being a slave and would do everything the “master” wanted. They did not fight for freedom or misbehave; they simply accepted their situation. This is an unfair label for anyone to place on another human being. If Congress required work in return for welfare compensation, Jackson and Sharpton would use the “race card” and say this discriminates against blacks because more blacks use welfare benefits (by percentage) than any other race. Why should it be discrimination to expect a black person to work for their welfare check? It should not. Every other race and gender is required to work. At the same time, it would not be discriminatory to force poverty stricken whites to work for their welfare check, and that is the double standard. Why is everyone in our society expected to work to get paid, but it is discriminatory if the government asks poor minorities to work for their welfare check? If they worked for their welfare check, they could actually earn more income because the government would be forced to pay them a minimum wage.
Just like the Democrats, Jackson or Sharpton do not want blacks to better themselves, they want to keep them oppressed. If more blacks improved their financial status to middle or upper class, then they would not necessarily need their assistance anymore. On the flip side, it would also be political suicide for the Republicans to try to eliminate or change any social programs because they would be labeled as racists who are discriminating against blacks. If Republicans tried to change welfare, then Jackson and Sharpton would be front and center to fight the proposal. The bottom line is that it is not in the best interest of either party to try to change any social programs because it would be political suicide. This is the dilemma our government faces: minority leadership exploits both the minorities and the government to manipulate the system. Poor minority leaders believe African-Americans are owed entitlement programs such as welfare since it was slavery that put them into the oppressed situation they are in today. All races, genders, and religious factions have been persecuted in the past, but have not used it as an excuse to hold them back. The Jews, for example have endured more recent persecution. During World War II, over six million were killed and millions more tortured, but they have since created their own nation. Today, the Jewish people are one of the most successful races in the world. They are still surrounded by their enemy and face terrorism threats everyday. Despite all this, they excel as a people. They have used their persecution as incentive and motivation to succeed, whereas the opposite is true for nearly seventy percent of the African-Americans living in this country. Democrats have brainwashed the African-American people that Republicans and most whites are against them. This is a fallacy. Remember Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and nearly 300 thousand white Northern soldiers lost their lives to free slaves during the Civil War.

An excellent present day example of using the “race card” is by Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich. He appointed an African-American (Roland Burris) to fill the vacated Senate seat by President-Elect Obama. He appointed Burris despite being told by Illinois and U.S. Legislators they would not accept anyone appointed by him. Since Blagojevich is under federal investigation for a number of crimes, most legislators agree, any appointee by Blagojevich would be tainted. Blagojevich, who obviously has a super ego, did not like other law makers trying to mitigate his gubernatorial powers. Thus, he concocted an ingenious plan. He purposely appointed an African-American to replace Obama. Thus, if Congress voted to block the African-American appointee, they would be viewed as racists. After all, Roland Burris would be the only African-American in the Senate. On the other hand, if Congress accepts the appointment of Burris, they may be seen as caving into Blagojevich’s devious ploy of using the “race card”. Thus, Congressional members are in a “lose/lose” situation. They cannot win regardless of how they vote on the Burris appointment. Nothing good ever materializes when the “race card” is used.

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