Friday, August 14, 2015

My Life may not Matter, but my Taxes do?

The new movement “Black Lives Matter” does not seem to like it when others opine that “All Lives Matter”. Let’s face it; if I created a group that said “Old White Male Lives Matter”, I would be pegged as a racist. Thus, according to the Black Lives Matter movement, my life does not matter. Truth be told, when I am gone very few people in the grand scale of things will care. I am an ordinary person who did not achieve extraordinary feats to make me famous.

All that being said, we live in a society that rewards bad behavior while being a stand out citizen is not even noticed. I have been an exemplary citizen – never taking a penny from the federal government and paying more than my fair share in taxes and charitable contributions. I am accountable for my actions. I do not blame others for my mistakes and shortcomings. I am responsible and charitable. But none of this means a thing to our government or racists organizations such as “Black Lives Matter”.

If my life does not matter, I wonder if the government would let me stop paying my taxes? Absolutely not (So my life does matter, but only when it comes to the State garnering their fair share of my wages)! I wonder if the government would let me choose where my tax dollars go because I do not want to give a cent in welfare assistance to folks living in Ferguson MO, Baltimore MD, or anyone who has ties to “Black Lives Matter”? No, the government would not give me that option. Why then do I have to turn on the news to find groups of racists like “Black Lives Matter” spew their hate towards others and talk as if it is okay for someone to murder me or a another person because they White. These groups have a very narrow focus and are very short sighted because they do not understand that a plurality of those Black Lives that matter, live off the hard earned dollars of hard working people. And without these other groups of people, they too would not exist. That is the cold hard truth about the situation.

The government may revoke the non-profit status away from any organization that does not embrace the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling. They are infringing on their first amendment rights because they view them as bigots breaking the law of the land. Well, what is the difference between bigoted organizations such as Black Lives Matter or citizens breaking the law in Ferguson and Baltimore by destroying property, assaulting police officers, and looting stores? Why aren’t they being penalized for their actions?

I am willing to help anyone who is willing to help themselves and be stand out citizens. I am sorry, but I did not see that in Ferguson, Baltimore, or the behavior of the Black Lives Matter organization. These people should watch the actions and listen to true black role models. No, I am not talking about race baiting leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Barack Obama. No, these people would learn a thing or two by listening to the victim’s families in the Charleston massacre. I know I learned a lot by listening to these people. I learned I have a lot more room for improvement as a human being than I previously thought. We are all flawed, but those families in Charleston are the least flawed human beings I have ever had the honor of listening to. I wish I could funnel my tax dollars to help these families directly. Although, they probably would not accept it.

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