Friday, August 21, 2015

Is Obama Prejudice?

Is Obama Prejudice? I believe so and this is why he does not transcend race, religion, or any gender gaps. It is why the country is more divided on these issues then it has been in decades.

If I where President and only inquired about civil liberty injustices in cases where Whites were murdered by Blacks or Hispanics – I would be viewed as a bigot. So why is the opposite not true? In fact, in most cases that Obama has opined and interfered with the DOJ the White person was vindicated of all charges. Obama only cares about White on Black crime. He does not even care about Black on Black crime. Everything from the Cambridge incident to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the Charleston massacre. Obama invoked the N word when talking about the Charleston massacre while relatives to the victims talked of forgiveness. To think prejudice and bigotry are one-sided issues is completely ignorant. Everyone regardless of ethnicity and gender is capable of prejudice.

If I where President and went after Sanctuary states and cities on immigration policy and failed to make states and cities with stringent immigration laws follow federal laws – I would be viewed as a bigot. So why isn’t the opposite true? Obama only enforces the parts of federal law on immigration he likes – and this is wrong.

If I where President and refused to call out Jewish or Christianity acts of terror I would be viewed as biased. So why aren’t Obama’s actions of calling out Jewish and Christian flaws, but failing to recognize the terror imposed by millions of Muslims around the world acceptable? He is merely covering up and justifying the horrific acts of terrorism committed each day by these barbaric peoples. This does not say ALL Muslims are extremists and or terrorists, it just calls out the small fraction of people. After all, without the help of law abiding Muslims condoning and joining the fight to stop extreme Islam, the fight will be difficult.

If I where President and declared a war on White Men, I would be viewed a bigot. So why then is it acceptable to declare a war on women or anything else Obama deems as an injustice. But who is really discriminated against in the U.S.? White men with better grades and credentials can lose a job opportunity or a spot in a college to a far less qualified person. Is this equality or fairness? Of course not, but it is in the liberal mind.

Instead of treating everyone in the country equally regardless of race, religion, or gender, liberal fairness treats everyone in the country differently. It is prejudicial treatment and actions, yet no one calls Obama out for being the bigot he is.

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