Friday, August 28, 2015

2016 Election is about Instability

Where there is instability, there is worry, fear, and anxiety. Today, our country and the globe is filled with instability. The earth is actually a very stable planet, without such stability life could not exist. For instance, without the moon’s gravitational force the earth’s rotation would be erratic. This would cause such widespread variances in our global climate it would be impossible to grow food crops. The moon is the perfect size to yield the optimum gravitational force to control the Earth’s rotation around its axis. This, in turn, leads to our stable climate with four predictable seasons. The Left would lead you to believe climate change is the biggest global instability we face; that is not true. In fact, our climate and weather patterns are much more stable and predictable then other things happening in our country and around the globe:

1. The FED claims our economy is stable so much so they are considering an interest hike. However, global market instability in China and Europe (Greece) has made our markets as volatile as ever.

2. There are more people out of the labor force in over 40 years (masking the true unemployment rate), wages continue to be low, and more people working part time jobs has questioned the stability of millions of families in our country. Job and economic growth have been weak in the Obama years. Much of this can be explained by the destructive nature of ObamaCare and government regulations.

3. The threat of terrorism around the globe, especially in the Middle East, has always been high. Now, the threat at home is bigger than it’s been before. ISIS and other radical groups continue wage jihad on innocent civilians around the globe and at home. Terrorist organizations have put together armies of people brainwashed with propaganda, recruited through social media, and have nothing to lose and therefore are willing to die for their cause. This is new and larger breed of terrorism threatening stability in the West.

4. The biggest State sponsor of terrorism, Iran, was just given a sweetheart deal from Obama that will enable them to pursue the nuclear bomb, eliminate economic sanctions, and provide them billions of dollars in charity to continue to fund terrorism. In fact, one could argue there is more global unrest today since World War II: More wars, terrorism, economic turmoil, and poverty.

Unfortunately, many of the candidates in the 2016 election bring with them more question marks than answers. Hence, they are unknown quantities and therefore bring more instability. And people are drawn more to these instable candidates then ones with proven track records. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are prime examples of this. Do we really want a billionaire egomaniac running our country? Trump may be the most selfish and instable character ever to run for President. Trump is worse than a flip flopper. Trump is a narcissist and every decision he has made in his lifetime is what is best for him and not for his company and employees. Sanders is an outspoken Socialist. Do we really want the instability of all the changes a socialist President would bring to this country? It could be orders of magnitude worse than Obama. And it is the weak Obama Presidency that is to blame for getting us into this instable environment.

Joe Biden is a buffoon, unable to put two sentences together without offending someone or making some false claims. Hillary Clinton is more than likely a felon who put our national security at risk to cover up her inept leadership on issues such as Benghazi. And they are two likely candidates to win the Democratic nomination.

It is sad, but there is an excellent chance the next President will bring more instability than even Obama. I understand that Americans are fed up with Washington politicians, but that does not mean they should forget their sense of reason and select a candidate that is naïve, a criminal, moron, or worse yet a socialist.

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