Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why Do We Give Lawyers More Power?

The ultimate destruction of our political system is underway. Today, lawyers are becoming more and more powerful in the political landscape. Unfortunately, Americans are allowing this happen.

This past month Texas Governor, Rick Perry, was indicted for playing politics. Perry did not abuse his power, he only threatened to veto funding to a Texas official he wants to resign after an ugly DWI incident. Perry did not break the law, yet many liberals want him charged with a criminal crime. That is not the scary part, the scary part is that a judge is allowing this lawsuit to continue and Perry was arraigned, like a common criminal.

I live in a town and state that loves to recall political officials – Colorado. Regardless of political affiliation, I never vote to remove a person from office because it sets a bad precedent. Removing officials because we do not like their politics is not a crime. We need to understand that elections have consequences and we should adhere to them. Besides, it costs the taxpayers millions for recall elections and more than half fail to remove the person from office. Of course it is a different story if the elected official has committed a crime, then yes, if they do not want to resign then a recall is warranted.

The judge decision to allow the lawsuit of Rick Perry also sets a bad precedent. What this means is that more and more politics will be played in a courtroom and not in our town halls.

The majority leader of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, has also filed a lawsuit against the President of the United States – Barack Obama. Boehner’s lawsuit will probably ultimately fail, but his gripe has more credibility than the Perry lawsuit because Obama has violated the Constitution by expanding the power of the Executive Branch. Obama bypasses congress time and time again by issuing executive orders. The Boehner lawsuit will focus on ObamaCare executive orders. Obama has ordered over 30 executive orders that change the ObamaCare law – which Constitutionally cannot be done without Congressional approval. Obama has redirected funds and he has canceled and delayed revisions of the law fairly routinely – mostly to protect vulnerable Democrats who face reelection.

I believe the Boehner lawsuit is realistic, but I also believe it is a big mistake to give the courts more power to settle these political fights. On the right hand it is scary how much power Obama is yielding and that sets a bad precedent. On the left hand, it is also scary to let the court system get more and more involved in political fights. In the end everyone loses because either the executive branch or courts will hold more power. And what comes with power is an abuse of power as in the case with Rick Perry. Even many of the most far left liberals feel this decision by the courts is a complete injustice to our political system.

Of course the people are mostly to blame for this mess and do not even know they are doing it. Nearly 80% of all state and federal elected officials are lawyers. When these lawyers are finally voted out, they become lobbyists to bolster their political power. It is vicious cycle or game that lawyers in the political system play. It can be avoided if we refuse to elect lawyers into public office.

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  1. Well you'll get no disagreement with me that more power to lawyers is a bad thing. I actually think it would be a good thing for the country if we added a constitutional amendment prohibiting lawyers from being president. That background never works out well for the American people.

    I do have to disagree on the recall thing. I'm haven't seen it used very often but I think it's good tool for citizens to have. It gives citizens a necessary escape from bad or inept politicians, IMO; but to each his own, of course!