Monday, February 10, 2014

Obama Bests Bush Over Civil Liberties Violations

  • Obama escalates the war in Afghanistan; goes to war unilaterally in Libya (and we see how that worked out – the area is unstable and weapons used to oust Qaddafi were used to attack our embassy and western interests in the area); and exponentially increases drone strikes around the globe leading to massive collateral damage including civilian lives.
  • Obama fails to close Guantanamo Bay. And although the Obama administration has ceased using enhanced interrogation technique, he does not need to use them because he kills his terror suspects – even if they are unarmed. And yes, this includes American citizens.
  • Obama has given terrorists such as the Boston Bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, and 9-11 masterminds civilian trials. Whereas, U.S. soldiers suspected of a crime face military tribunals.
  • Obama’s Narwhale election program consists of Google engineers who illegally pirate private information to identify potential backers and potential votes.
  • Obama has doubled down on Bush’s NSA phone surveillance program while initiating new privacy intrusion programs such as Prism. The expansion of the NSA program not only includes metadata analysis of phone records, but internet activity as well.
  • Obama’s EPA targeted conservative farmers by handing out their private information to Left wing environmental groups which was used to harass the farmers. The EPA was also accused of charging higher fees to conservative groups than liberal organizations.
  • Obama’s administration (DOJ) targeted conservative media reporters including all their correspondence with family members. The DOJ claimed they wanted to find a national security leak, but the reporters are not the source of the leak – they were only doing their job which is specifically protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution.
  • Obama’s IRS targeted conservative groups and individuals by making it harder to obtain charitable status. They also harassed conservative groups to hand over private information which is not needed to garner charitable status. And if this is not bad enough, the IRS will now be responsible for enforcing ObamaCare – this will provide the government full power over the health of each individual citizen in our country. Remember, the head of the IRS said they provide “bad customer support”, yet we continue to give these cronies more power.

Many liberals will argue that Obama had nothing to do with many of these so called scandals. Maybe, but there is too much circumstantial evidence for Obama not be involved. Obama was so angered by the 2010 Citizens United decision – he chided this decision constantly on the campaign trail. He berated the Supreme Court Justices in his SOTU address. Obama and liberals pushed for a Constitutional amendment and one Liberal called the decision our modern day Dred Scott. In other words, to Obama and liberals Citizens United was equal to slavery. So why is it far-fetched for Obama to use the IRS and EPA to scrutinize and target conservative groups to minimize what effects the Citizens United decision would have on his reelection?

It is also important to note that Obama and liberals despise any election laws which require a person to show a picture ID to vote or proof of citizenship. Then why is okay for the government to collect our private information on millions of citizens, but it is not okay for these same citizens to show proof of their legalities for voting purposes and citizenship?

Why is politically incorrect to openly target or use profiling methods to find terrorists, illegal immigrants, or criminals in general if the government is already secretly doing this?

The bottom line is that the Obama administration is not transparent, but is secretly targeting organizations, groups, corporations, and individuals for the purpose of creating an enemies list, personal gain, and to win elections.

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