Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crimes, Lowlights, and Incompetence of the Obama Administration (Part I)

  • Obama was going to close to Guantanamo Bay, it is still open.
  • Obama continued Bush policies to bail out Wall Street. However, nothing has been done to fix “too big to fail”.
  • Obama bails out auto companies to prevent bankruptcy. However, the companies still go into bankruptcy where they are restructured to survive. Yes, it was bankruptcy, not the bailouts that saved the auto companies.
  • Air Force 1 does a photo op over New York City which brings back fears of another 9/11 attack.
  • Obama empowers over 40 Czars who have no congressional oversight and many oversee budgets.
  • Obama’s 900 billion dollar stimulus passes congress and nearly 5 years later Unemployment is over 7%, the underemployed rate has gone up 10% and the civilian workforce has declined by 6 million people. Still, the Obama administration blames Bush for America’s economic woes.
  • The poverty rate in the United States is at its highest levels in history. In fact, the discrepancy between the rich and poor is at its highest levels.
  • Disability rates are the highest in American history and growing at an uncontrollable rate. In fact, disability is the fastest growing occupation in the United States.
  • Welfare, in particular food stamps, has grown to record levels at an uncontrollable rate.
  • Lobbying has increased at a 10% rate per year under Obama to its highest levels (remember, the economy has been fairly flat over Obama’s 5 years).
  • Obama declares victory in Iraq, but fails to give Bush any credit even though Obama voted against the surge which changed the outcome of the war.
  • Obama’s “green plan” has led to the administration picking winners and losers in industry (winners are generally those companies which donate to his campaign). This program squandered billions of dollars in companies like Solyndra. The Obama green plan failed because it did not invest in innovation and new technology, but instead in old and outdated technologies.
  • Obama eliminates the DC voucher program for underprivileged children, but he sends his kids to DC private schools.
  • U.S. deficit spending and debt levels reach unprecedented highs – 100% of GDP.
  • ObamaCare passed congress in a partisan vote that was crammed down the throats of Americans. Today, implementation of the law is not only far behind, but no one including Democrats like the law. Union bosses who urged Congress to push through the legislation as fast as possible are now irate once they learned what is in the law. Now they are working to broker a sweetheart deal, while the rest of Americans are stuck with the law as is. Companies are pushing employees to part time and dropping coverage all together. Premiums in most states are skyrocketing. And the law treats everyone differently depending on your affiliation, age, state of residence, union ties, etc.
  • Obama and the DOJ have given enemy combatants civilian rights.
  • The administration has failed to label The Fort Hood massacre as a terrorist attack.
  • Obama leads from behind on the BP Oil Spill. Obama lets environmental groups dictate how the administration attacks the leak – eliminating many options.
  • Iran and North Korea continue to pursue long range missiles and nuclear aspirations.
  • Obama has been historic in terms of spending money on lavish parties, campaigning, fund raising, and playing basketball and golf.
  • Obama escalated the war in Afghanistan leading to many more American troops’ deaths and casualties, but he is withdrawing in defeat. What’ worse he is negotiating with the Taliban terrorists.
  • Many cities across the United States have filed for bankruptcy; including Detroit (remember the auto bailout?).
  • On a high note, Obama killed Osama Bin Laden. But he failed to recognize the efforts of the Bush administration and enhanced interrogation techniques that led to this historic triumph.
  • Obama moved unilaterally to go to war in Libya to aid the opposition force to overthrow Qaddafi. The result: Libya remains an unstable and weapons supplied by the U.S. to remove Qaddafi have already been used by terrorists to attack Western sites including the Benghazi attack on the U.S. embassy.


  1. Is it safe to assume there'll be at least 100 parts to this post?

  2. Just one more long one. I am sure I missing many more cases - there are so many to recall.