Friday, February 28, 2014

Crimes, Lowlights, and Incompetence of the Obama Administration (Part II)

  • Obama supported the opposition movement in Egypt which enabled the radical Muslim Brotherhood (still believe in Sharia Law) to ascend to power. Within a year of the Brotherhood’s power grab, they were ousted by the military. Obama has yet to rescind his support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt, once a reliable U.S. ally, now remains unstable.
  • Obama moves unilaterally on highly controversial subjects that should garner bipartisan support in Congress including immigration reform, education reform (Race to the Top which is worse than No Child Left Behind – protects bad teachers, eliminates competition, and relies on standardized testing) , gun control, and EPA standards.
  • The DOJ allows the ATF to allow guns to walk to Mexico in an attempt to capture drug lords. This program was known as Fast and Furious. Unfortunately, the ATF lost track of the guns and subsequently these guns have turned up at dozens of crime scenes including the death of a U.S. Border Agent. Despite this, and the death of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, the DOJ and administration hide behind executive privilege.
  • Obama belittles the Bush administration for violating the civil liberties of terrorists. Yet, the Obama administration policy is to kill, even unarmed, terrorists without any opportunity of due process. If that is not bad enough, Obama has expanded the Bush administration’s drone program which by some estimates kills 6 innocent civilians per terrorist death.
  • The administration lies and deceives the American Public about the Benghazi embassy attacks. If this is not bad enough, the administration failed to heed to security warnings in the area and then failed to send any military help. Essentially, the administration left the victims behind to die.
  • The Boston Bombings could have prevented because intelligence agencies failed to heed the advice from Russia intelligence agencies about the Tsarneav brothers.
  • The IRS targeted conservative groups and failed to grant them charitable status. The IRS has been chartered to run ObamaCare.
  • The EPA targeted conservative groups by illegally providing their personal information to environmental groups.
  • The DOJ targeted conservative journalists supposedly to find national security leaks within the administration. Interestingly, no one at the New York Times was targeted even though the newspaper published several leaks about the bin Laden killing and the Stuxnet computer virus to slow the Iran nuclear program.
  • Obama expanded the Bush NSA metadata surveillance spying program on Americans. What’s worse, Obama’s ties to Google have enabled the administration to identify consumer personal information for election purposes.
  • Obama claimed the sequestration would lead to a government shutdown – it did not happen.
  • Obama botched race relations by inciting the emotions of the American public by taking sides on the Trayvon Martin and Cambridge police incidents.
  • Obama, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, wanted to move unilaterally to bomb Syria because they used chemical weapons. Obama finally brokers a deal with Russia and the Syria regime – Yes, U.S. foreign policy runs through Russia and terrorists.
  • The State Department is marred with sex scandals and crimes.
  • The media protects the administration. To date, no one has been held accountable for Benghazi, and no one in the administration has even been fired let alone sent to prison for any of their scandals. In fact, several people involved in the scandals have been promoted for their actions.
  • The administration routinely uses the John Banner defense to avoid complicity with scandals and incompetence. Everyone within the administration, State Department, and DOJ claims “to know nothing”, make excuses, and blame their predecessor for all their shortcomings.

I probably missed more lies, criminal activity, and incompetence of the administration, but who is keeping count.

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