Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Obama’s Gun Proposals are Wrong

I am going to take the opposite argument on Obama’s gun executive orders Personally, I have little issue with making background checks to purchase guns more stringent and universal. And I have little problem with banning assault guns and limiting ammunitions in magazines or clips. Actually, I think the best way to control gun violence and gain more forensic crime data is to use smart guns I know conservatives hate the ideas I propose in this article, but they are better than having the government passing laws banning guns and making it harder to buy a weapon.

My personal perspective is based on being a victim of gun violence as a youth. This tends to make me more liberal on the gun issues. That being said, none of the Obama proposals nor my owning a weapon would have stopped what happened to me because the predator was living in my house. The same can be said that Obama executive orders on guns would not have prevented what happened in Newtown Connecticut or Aurora Colorado this past year. I highlight reasons including the Constitution, Fast and Furious, mental illness, and so forth as to why Obama’s executive orders are wrong, won’t work, meaningless, and are hypocritical in this article:

All of this being said, there is one glaring reason why Obama’s executive orders are wrong regardless if I think they are acceptable. Obama argues that these executive orders do not infringe on anyone’s second amendment rights. Even if the Supreme Court agrees, this is “progressive” politics at work. And “progressive” is the appropriate name given to liberal politics. That is because progressives want to progressively change the Constitution and this country to mirror their ideology. And allowing the President to pass an executive order on gun control is only the first step. With progressives, they will not be satisfied until further steps are taken to control and eliminate guns. The government and liberals are never satisfied with their level of intrusion in the American way of life. After Obama got his way on the fiscal cliff negotiations, which resulted in a tax rate increase on wealthy Americans, the next day Nancy Pelosi said further tax rate increases are still on the table. It is never enough. And for this reason, Obama and liberals will not stop on gun legislation. Once the next massacre occurs, the liberals will politicize the event to push for further gun legislation. They do not care if their legislation fails to address the root cause of violent gun crimes (mental illness) - that is not what they are trying to accomplish. Their goal is to eliminate guns and abolish the second amendment and they will not keep pushing for progressive changes in gun laws until this happens. If the government has the right to force Americans to buy a product (ObamaCare), then what is going to stop them from eventually forcing Americans to not buy a product (guns)? Heck, localities such as New York City have already banned 16 ounce drinks and Happy Meals.

The bottom line is that Obama’s executive orders on guns are nothing more than another liberal and government power grab and citizens should fight this. That is because liberals and government are never satisfied with their power which is progressively finding ways to intrude into the personal lives of Americans.


  1. I agree, Patrick. This is an unconstitutional power grab. We'll see how republicans respond. People should find ways to resist, IMO.

  2. Thanks CW, I know we do not see eye to eye on gun laws. My point here is even if you agree with a law it does not mean it is a good law or even a legal law. Hopefully, Republicans fight it!