Friday, January 11, 2013

The Role Model for Liberal Hypocrisy: Al Gore (Part II)

In other words, women are gaining rights in the country but are still light years behind Western Nations and Qatar’s immigration work program has been said to be “Modern-Day Slavery” that supports forced labor and human trafficking. In a recent free speech case, Mohammed Ibn al-Dheeb was sentenced to life in prison for protesting against the Qatar government at the 2012 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Qatar. Liberals openly say Republicans and conservatives are waging war on women and minorities in America, but yet they remain silent as the once head of the Democratic Party lives off the wealth of a nation that supports horrific human rights violations.

Over half of Qatar’s GDP comes from oil productions. So it comes as no surprise that Qatar, with 55.4 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year has the highest footprint globally, about 10 times the global average. And now Gore, the man who is neither a scientist nor mathematician (well maybe a guy who invented the Internet should be able to read and understand a climate change model), but claims he has scientific proof CO2 is causing manmade climate change is helping to fund massive oil production efforts (Assuming Al-Jazeera stands to profit from the acquisition of Current TV). And remember, this data only takes into account the CO2 emitted by the people of Qatar and emissions to drill for oil, not the CO2 that will be produced once the oil is manufactured into gas and used in its end product.

If all these reasons are not bad enough, the most egregious offense of the Al-Jazeera deal is they are an anti-American propaganda machine who gives a voice to terrorist organizations. Although I have no proof that Al-Jazeera finances terrorist organizations, it is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities. In fact, Al-Jazeera is such a toxic organization in the eyes of the U.S. that even the liberally run cable network, Time Warner, voided their contract with Current TV once the deal was complete. To think Al Gore is giving Al-Jazeera an opportunity to reach up to 60 million households in the U.S. should warrant liberal outrage.

Why aren’t liberals outraged by Gore’s actions? The Current TV program lineup is loaded with hypocritical and sex offending hosts whose purpose was and is to fundamentally transform America into their progressive view – so in many regards Current TV is similar to Al-Jazeera in that it is very much anti-American. In a day and age where liberals use political correctness claims, civility claims, and find everything that makes America great offensive – then why should they care Gore is giving a voice to the terrorists that destroyed over 3000 American families on 9/11.

Liberals are using the Newtown massacre as a reason to push for gun control, but at the same time they are okay with Al Gore giving a voice to terrorist groups that are responsible for genocide and destruction around the globe. Liberals blame American military influence around the globe for what they call retaliation terrorism. Although this is far from the truth, it explains why liberals seem willing to protect the first and second amendment rights of terrorists before protecting the same rights for Americans. Liberals want to influence how Americans choose to use money to express themselves or ban certain types of guns they purchase, but they seem perfectly okay with protecting the rights of terrorists and their dirty money and weaponry.

In summary, Al Gore is gaining wealth at the expense of human rights violation including slavery, massive oil production and CO2 emissions, and the promotion of anti-American propaganda including the support of terrorism. Where is the media and liberal outrage over this hypocrite? It is scary to think this carbon emitting oxygen thief was almost President.


  1. Great analysis on Gore, Patrick! I think I'm going to write a post on the subject of hypocrisy. You've inspired me!

  2. There is so much hypocrisy especially with the Left. I am sure you will cover another area were they play the hypocrisy game.