Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Role Model for Liberal Hypocrisy: Al Gore (Part I)

Al Gore has proven he is not only the world’s biggest hypocrite, but the world’s largest carbon emitting oxygen thief. Gore is set to collect 100 million dollars for selling his Current TV network to Al Jazeera which is primarily funded by the Qatar government. Gore has proven he is all about profits and wealth even if it conflicts with his core “green” and progressive ideological beliefs.

Gore had several interested parties wanting to purchase his failed Current TV network. However, Gore chose the most controversial option, Al Jazeera, simply because he profited the most from this deal. Also, according the New York Times, Gore tried to get the deal done before the end of 2012 so he could be locked into lower capital gain tax rates. Yes, this is the same guy who just two months ago said he should pay more in taxes (Anyone wanting to pay higher taxes can do so by failing to claim deductions - so this argument of wanting his tax rate increased is just nonsense). And this is the same guy who said Romney’s tax rate (which is driven by the capital gains rate) was too low. This is an example of liberal hypocrisy at its best, do as I say, not as I do. Liberals expect their neighbors to make sacrifices but at the same time they are exempt from living by the ideology they preach. Liberals want to be perceived as being sympathetic towards the environment, people living in poverty, women, and minorities, but in actuality most are living a lie behind closed doors – just like Al Gore. And what’s worse, nobody has railed against big oil for profiteering than Al Gore, yet in a mere 10 years his net worth has grown nearly 200 million dollars, profiting on the “green” industry bubble which incidentally is mostly subsidized by the tax dollars of his fellow Americans.

Gore has openly criticized Republicans for being anti-minority and anti-women for their immigration and abortion policies. Here is a human rights report on Qatar from the U.S. State Department in 2010: “Qatar is a constitutional monarchy headed by Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. The population is approximately 1.7 million, of whom approximately 225,000 are citizens. The emir exercises full executive power. The 2005 constitution provides for hereditary rule by the emir's male branch of the al-Thani family. Sharia (Islamic law) is a primary source of legislation. The emir approves or rejects legislation after consultation with the appointed 35-member Advisory Council and cabinet. There are no elections for national leadership, and the law forbids political parties. In 2007 citizens elected the 29 members of the Central Municipal Council. Reports based on monitoring by the government-appointed National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) and informal observations by diplomatic missions noted no irregularities. Security forces reported to civilian authorities.

Citizens lacked the right to change the leadership of their government by election. There were prolonged detentions in crowded facilities, often ending with deportation. The government placed restrictions on civil liberties, including freedoms of speech, press (including the Internet), assembly, association, and religion. Foreign laborers faced restrictions on travel abroad. Trafficking in persons, primarily in the labor and domestic worker sectors, was a problem. Legal, institutional, and cultural discrimination against women limited their participation in society. The unresolved legal status of "Bidoons" (stateless persons with residency ties) resulted in discrimination against these noncitizens. Authorities severely restricted worker rights, especially for foreign laborers and domestic servants.”


  1. Show me a leftist and I'll show you a serial hypocrite.

  2. Agreed CW. I actually think most people are hypocrites to some degree, but you have to admit the whole Al Gore - Al Jazeera deal is beyond hypocrisy.