Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Static State of Mind

Anyone with a lick of commonsense understands that everything that occurs on our planet is dynamic and in constant change. Everything is evolving: species and our climate. Everything is getting older and adapting to this change. Although progressives claim to understand evolution, they would like to keep the earth static and stop any changes to our environment. Progressives are creatures of habit and actually think they can stop our naturally evolving climate and environment from changing by throwing other people’s hard earned dollars at the problem. Unfortunately, a Ford Focus, Chevy Volt, or Toyota Primus will not stop the climate from changing. Every year the climate is different from the previous year and liberals start their climate change fear mongering as if we have any control over it (and I am not saying it is changing for the worse).

Progressives do not want to our environment to change; they want it to remain the same - static. This explains their support for abortion – because it prevents the introduction of more people on the planet who can alter our environment by putting a strain on our natural resources. Unfortunately, to support the liberal political philosophy of a social welfare state, more taxpaying citizens are needed to support the fiscal liabilities associated with this type of Ponzi Scheme. A static environment also explains progressive’s misguided support of renewable energies – they think this philosophy will save the environment and planet. However, once again, these energy types also destroy our lands, kill species, and emit massive amounts of carbon emissions. Think about it; solar and wind farms are massive, they need to be the size of state of Rhode Island to produce the energy created by a 4 reactor nuclear plant. In other words, they alter a huge land area affecting all kinds of animal and plant life. Most solar and wind farms are located far away from power grids and therefore, more infrastructure has to be built to support these energy sources. Hydropower and the construction of dams disrupt the ecosystem of fish and are mostly to blame for the decline of salmon. What’s worse is the massive amounts of cobalt and lithium which have to be mined to manufacture the batteries needed for electric cars or to store the energy created from renewable energy sources. The battery in the Chevy Volt weighs about 500 pounds! Do liberals understand how much energy is expended to mine and manufacture such batteries? Do progressives understand how much this mining destroys our lands and disrupts wildlife and plant life? Does the Left understand that these batteries are more than likely charged using fossil fuels? No, in fact, it is more efficient to mine 500 pounds of coal and use that as energy. This explains why renewable energy sources are not cost effective and why renewable energy costs taxpayers 3 to 5 times more than fossil fuels or coal. It also explains why the Chevy Volt costs as much as a luxury car. Besides, consider that the American taxpayer is being double charged for renewable energies because they are subsidizing these businesses to the sum of 50 billion dollars annually on the local, state, and federal level.

The one thing that progressives like to change is our Constitution and our laws. However, there is a way to do this legally, by amending the Constitution and not by using judicial activism. Progressives are so upset with the policy changes made by Wisconsin governor Scott Walker; they tried to remove him from office with a recall vote. Why did this fail? First, because Walker’s policies to reform union influence are working. Secondly, a recall election should only be warranted if Walker broke the law. Finally, most Americans realize unions are no longer useful; there are federal laws to protect workers. Unions are archaic and a static way of thinking. Progressives favor unions only because they are a socialistic method for them to live off the wealth of others. Unions are bankrupting municipalities, states, and the federal government with trillions in unfunded liabilities. Walker did not break the law, the only beef liberals have with him is over his anti-union policies and this does not warrant a recall. Even most left leaning independents understand this fact.

The bottom line is that liberals do not want ecologies that are extremely complex and naturally evolving to change, but at the same time they want to change laws that have worked for 230 years. This makes little sense.


  1. >>”This makes little sense.”

    That statement pretty much sums up every liberal policy stance.

    It is not a coincidence that liberal policies never meet the test of common sense. They are either intentionally designed or naturally evolved for the purpose of undermining conservative traditions. If conservative traditions – those traditions that evolved over time through trial and error by each succeeding society – are rooted in common sense, then it stands to reason the efforts to overturn those traditions will be lacking in common sense.

    Why do some people want to undermine our long-held traditions and values? Basically it’s because there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way they think. IMO, it is an underdeveloped sense of maturity, This explains why so many young people identity with liberals, They simply have not matured yet from a psychological standpoint. They’re still kids, mentally speaking. Kids are primarily interested in gratifying their egos – feeling good about themselves. Thus, when you explain the real facts about the wind farms and Chevy Volts, they are unmoved. Their motivation is to feel good about themselves, Whether or not their policies actually work is secondary to that.

  2. CW, your comments made my day. Very funny, but very true. Or maybe it is just very sad that some people are wired this way. Anyway thanks for stopping by and hope you are doing well and staying cool in Texas.

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Liberalism is neither funny nor sad but dangerous. We are at the mercy of people who want to “fundamentally transform” a great country so that they can show us how special they are. It’s like being chained to a person who is determined to prove he can swim from Miami to Cuba – with you chained along for the ride.

    But enough of that depressing stuff. I’m doing well. We’ve had some hot days but it rained yesterday and cooled things down a bit, which was nice. Hope all is well in Colorado. We will be there in July.