Friday, January 6, 2017

Trump and his Cabinet (Part II)

Consider the media and liberal hypocrisy when it comes to Russia. The media was elated about Clinton’s “Reset” with Russian relations. The media did not scrutinize Obama when he was caught on a hot microphone saying “he will have more leeway after the election” when discussing nuclear disarmament with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. This type of diplomacy was given high marks in every liberal outlet. Face it, Democrats have been soft on Russia for decades and now all the sudden they are hardliners only because Russia’s “evil actions” affected them directly (that is hypocrisy). And let’s not forget there is not anywhere near 100% consensus that Russia was part of the Wikileaks hack and or what their intention was. Now these same liberal outlets are critical of Trump and his selection of Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson) for wanting to create a diplomatic relationship with Russia. And according to liberals the Tillerson selection is of course further proof that Trump worked with Putin to hack Democratic email accounts. At the same time, these same liberal newspapers continue to give Obama high marks for his diplomacy with Cuba and Iran. What did America receive from these deals with Cuba and Iran? Nothing! We have given credence to two of the most rogue regimes in the world who sponsor terrorism and civil rights violations for nothing. Why is this diplomacy acceptable but diplomacy with Russia is not? If Trump legitimizes Russia that will not be good, but let us see how the diplomacy plays out and what type of deal is made before criticizing it. Tillerson had to have good relationships with governments he dealt with as a business executive. That was his job as CEO of Exxon. How else are you going to win business? Tillerson’s cozy relationships with adversaries will be balanced by hardliner John Bolton as his deputy. It will be interesting to see how that works: An outsider and an insider.

The fifth complaint about the Trump cabinet is that it is too oil friendly. Rex Tillerson, Scott Pruitt, and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry will promote oil and coal as viable energy sources, but they will not discriminate against renewable energies as liberals suggest. They will promote an energy policy that will be inclusive of all viable sources.

The sixth complaint about the Trump cabinet is that it is full of racists. This has to be some of the biggest “Fake News” being published. Attorney General nominee, Jeff Sessions, is not a racist. A few Senators during the confirmation process will bring up a statement from 30 years ago which was a bad joke and it cost Session’s the attorney general job in Alabama. Sessions’ record fighting for civil liberties in Alabama is a strong one. Steve Bannon who will be one of Trump’s top advisors is a not a white supremacist. His former media business “Breitbart” published some controversial articles. Bannon did not write the articles as many would lead you to believe (free speech). Why wasn’t the media concerned about Obama’s ties to hateful persons such as Jeramiah Wright or Louis Farrakhan or criminals such as Tony Rezco or Bill Ayers? Not only did these Obama associations say hateful things, they acted on them. Democrats have a history of protecting KKK members in their Party such as Hugo Black and Robert Byrd. Now they want to act all high and mighty. If the media treated Obama and Democrats with the same scrutiny as Sessions and Bannon, Obama would have never become President. What’s worse, liberals and the media are painting any Trump supporter as being deplorable racists, sexists, and bigots. Well, conservatives can easily make the same polarizing conclusions about Obama and Clinton supporters based on their associations and hateful words. Very few media outlets questioned Obama’s agenda in the White House when he riled up race relations in this country by constantly pointing out White on Black or Blue on Black crimes (and most were not crimes since the accused were exonerated). Obama never mentions Black on Black crime or Hispanic crimes. Now race relations and crime is at 50 year extremes in our country. How is this any worse than what Sessions or Bannon did? They did not kill anyone but Obama policies are indirectly leading to the deaths of hundreds of citizens. Just because the KKK and Alt-Right endorse a candidate it does not make the candidate and his followers racists. Just as Black Lives Matter endorsement of Clinton does not make her anti-police or anti-white.

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