Friday, January 20, 2017

Conservation of Life (Part III)

Is this theory flawed? I have no doubt it is, but in my mind it help explains why bad things happen to good people. It explains terrible incidents such as tornados and plane crashes. It explains why socialism and welfare do not work. Despite pouring trillions into anti-poverty causes, poverty has remained unchanged. Maybe welfare works to pull a few people out of poverty and it helps to make them more useful. However, increased taxes (to pay for welfare) may cause a recession and force others into poverty and to become less useful (maybe homeless). A person taking money from another person does not necessarily make them useful. They may become useful or they may become lazy and hence an overall burden on society. The conservation of life theory explains why something as seemingly useful as the internet can be used negatively for pornography, identity crime, terrorism recruitment, and even creating the lack of human social skills.

If God’s plan was to create an interactive universe with living creatures he needed to have checks and balances to conserve life (Such as the story of Noah's Arc). Obviously if everything in the universe was bad, life would not exist, but to the contrary if life was all good, life would not exist either. Think about it. It is adversity and questions as to why things happen that has helped man to evolve. If everything was always great, there would be no reason for man to use its brain and evolve and therefore man would become extinct. Man is now smart enough to stop a cataclysmic event from happening like an asteroid strike. Man is now smart enough to colonize in a different world to extend life as we know it. Life is always a struggle between good versus evil and that is a constant theme throughout the bible.

It may seem as if the intellect of the universe is growing for man to make so many ground breaking inventions. But many advances are just improvements of old inventions – phones and phone service, computers, televisions and so forth. Also, in many ways there is a dumbing down of society by brainwashing populations in schools, organizations, clubs, and groups. Every group has an agenda and its members must follow that agenda. Over time, we are no longer interested in debating other ideas because we have been set in our ways, ideas, and philosophies. Take the political scene – Republicans and Democrats. Individuals are not only set in their ideas, they demonize the other side, stop debates, and stifle free speech, and will even lie and cheat to get their way. This sort of thought process stunts the growth of our brains as does things like the internet which does all of our thinking for us. To be innovative your mind has to be open to any kind of ideas and to debate them freely. Einstein was brilliant not because he had a massive IQ, but because he was able to think like a child free of corruption of lifelong brainwashing that humans now face. I believe events are now correcting for our high intellect through a dumbing down process that starts with daily brainwashing through schools (safe zones, liberal teachings, etc.), groups, organizations, and clubs.

The life theory follows the school of thought of Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” theory. As the strong and smart survive, the weak perish. As one group moves on and remains useful to the universe another group does not (they die or regress). Of course this once again explains why things such as welfare, socialism, and affirmative action do not work. Trying to make someone useful is more than just throwing money at a problem. For example, people have to overcome the many obstacles that persist in their environment. For every person that is saved another is lost and vice versa. This also sounds a lot like karma, “what comes around goes around”. Good things will happen to an individual but that will be evened out with bad things over the course of their life.

Even if human, animal, and plant life is wiped off the face of the earth from a cataclysmic event, life will continue on earth in some other form such as single cell organisms and or at another place in the universe (life could continue in some other form that is different from our reality, but life will be conserved).

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