Saturday, December 17, 2016

Is there a God? (Part III)

How can atomic and subatomic physics yield such different results in reality and yet co-exist? Well, many physicists do not believe they do – that we actually live in a world ruled by subatomic physics and not what we actually believe is reality. Therefore, what we are seeing, hearing, and sensing is not actually our reality. Essentially what physicists are saying is: it possible that our brains and or our minds are tricking our subconscious into seeing and hearing what we believe is reality. This may explain why people with near death experiences continue to see and hear things even though their brain is dead, their subconscious is still alive.

Everything in our reality is based solely on our perception or point of view. I may see a yellow wall or full moon, but a color blind person living half way around the globe would see neither. So does a yellow wall or the moon exist? This is similar to the famous riddle: If a tree falls in the forest does it make a noise if no one is there to hear it? In our reality world the answer would be yes, but in the world of quantum mechanics the answer is both yes and no (there is no definitive answer). It begs to question, if we can trick our subconscious into believing that we live in a definitive world (and not one of probability), then it is that farfetched to believe a higher being may be able to manipulate the universe in a similar fashion? It is almost as if we are all puppets living in a make believe world where God is pulling all the strings: We are putting on play or show for God. Of course none of this answers the biggest riddle in my viewpoint: Why do bad things happen to good people? If God is controlling all of us, then why does he put good people through so much hurt and pain? The Bible explains why Jesus went through unbelievable torture and death, but it does not explain why others must also endure pain and suffering.

In previous posts, I have theorized that our society is balanced and stabilized based on the Gaussian probability density curve (Bell Curve). For instance, there are a large number of good people in the center of the Bell Curve and a smaller number of evil and saint like beings at each end of the Bell Curve respectively. For every good act there is a bad act that balances it. For society to exist it must be stabilized by both good and evil (ying and yang) and healthy and unhealthy. This type of probability based society fits under the realm of the subatomic laws. The Bible pits good (God) versus evil (Devil) and talks about plagues and diseases purposely brought onto groups of people. So this theory follows both biblical and subatomic theories. All possible outcomes in a subatomic universe can neither be all good or all evil. God’s plan calls for adversity and challenges in life so people can learn and evolve (analogous to how all living organisms physically grow and get stronger). It is my belief this is true because the goal of life is grow and become a better person. If people were all good and nothing bad happened to them - life would not evolve and in fact be very boring. If bad things only happened to bad people then no one would care and life would also fail to evolve under this scenario. Of course, all living things must die – so birth and death of living things are what we have in common. But if Schrödinger’s equation is right, our subconscious will live before birth and after death. This may explain those weird Deja vu experiences we encounter and for some, those near death experiences. Maybe before birth and after death experiences is where good and evil are separated. For example, the Bible preaches evil goes to hell and good goes to heaven.

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