Thursday, December 1, 2016

Anderson Cooper Attacks Trump by Flattering Himself

Anderson Cooper should stop flattering himself. His highlight on his show last evening was how Trump tweeted him (at 2am) over his liberally lopsided views on his program the day before. Trump should not even have the time to do this Cooper said. This was the top story and there was no mention about how Trump is making a deal for 1000 manufacturing workers to keep their jobs in Indiana instead of having them move to Mexico. It was another Trump assault by Cooper masterful pulled off by flattering himself. Now that is an egomaniac.

I wonder where the Clinton News Network (CNN) has been the past eight years? They did not seem to care that Obama spent most of his time on the job campaigning to raise money for the DNC, playing basketball or golf, sitting in on talk show TV programs yucking it up with other liberals, playing NCAA Men’s Basketball brackets on ESPN, vacationing, or sleeping. And when Obama was not doing these things he was complaining about Fox News. Where was the outrage when Obama sat on a plane going to Vegas for fund raiser as we were under attack in Benghazi, Libya? Where is the outrage and concern over Obama blaming the election loses on Fox News yesterday? News flash to Cooper, this is how Trump finds the time: Trump works 20 hours a day, he does not sleep much, he does not vacation, and he does not even take a pay check. And on top of that he did Obama’s job yesterday of saving those manufacturing jobs in Indiana making him the most successful presidential elect in our history – already doing the job of President.

I know Trump will not get a fair shake, but this is ridiculous. The media is making itself look more and more incompetent. Cooper lost all respect with me earlier this year when he questioned how Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, could care about the loss of life at the Orlando night club shooting when she did not back gay marriage. Really? Because you do not support gay marriage you want gay people to die! These are conclusions that our liberal media make. I do not understand how Cooper still has a job after making those statements.

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