Saturday, November 19, 2016

Why Clinton Lost and the Post-Election Protests (Part II)

The media did a good job painting Trump as a misogynist, racist, and sexist. These are all the things that I have been called, by people who do not know me on Facebook, for voting for Trump. Misogynist seems to be the big new liberal word. I am not going to defend Trump’s hurtful words, but Clinton is far worse because she has actions behind her hateful words. Clinton criticizes Trump’s action towards women but yet she remains married to a sexual predator (Trump is an accused sexual predator). If Clinton was the strong woman that others claim she is, then she would left Bill a long time ago. Obviously, it became a marriage of convenience for political purposes. What’s worse, Clinton attacked her husband’s accusers and was even caught on tape making fun of a 12 year girl rape victim whose attacker she helped to free based on a technicality. The Clinton Foundation accepts money from rouge countries that oppress women and kills homosexuals. Accepting money over civil rights concerns is a sign of bad person with no conscious. Wikileaks exposed how Clinton used the Eric Gardner killing for political gain; how the campaign demonized people of faith; and how the campaign called out those “needy” Hispanics. In fact, she is caught saying she does not like people in general. Kellyanne Conway was the first woman to lead a successful presidential election in US history. Unfortunately, this accomplishment was overlooked by the media since she was not the right kind of woman – a former Democrat and now Republican.

Then there are Clinton’s ties to corruption, lies, bad decisions, and collusion with the media. The Clinton Foundation is being investigated for “pay for play”. Less than 30% of the money in the Foundation goes to charitable causes. Most of the Foundation money pays for salaries, travel, expensive overhead, and there is evidence to show it payed for Chelsea’s education. Clinton made the bad decision to oust Qaddafi in Libya which created a vacuum for terrorism to grow (that will happen if there are no boots on the ground). This, in turn, led to the attack on the US Embassy and CIA Annex killing four Americans in Benghazi. Clinton then lied about the cause of the attack to cover up her negligence to provide proper security. What’s worse, while Obama traveled to a campaign fundraiser in Vegas Clinton failed to send help. In essence, she abandoned dozens of people under attack at the CIA Annex essentially leaving them to die. They would have all died had it not been for the heroic efforts of a few of our finest. Clinton also decided to do all of her email correspondence as Security of State on an unsecure server in her basement. Wikileaks proves that this was done to cover up “pay for play” at the Clinton Foundation. Clinton then lied about why she used the server; why she destroyed thousands of emails and electronic devices; and why she had national security information on the server. The server was hacked at least 5 times putting the lives of Americans at risk. And if all this is not bad enough, the Clinton campaign colluded with the media and the Democratic National Convention to win the presidential nomination over Bernie Sanders. Clinton was even provided debate questions in advance. Accepting the questions is just as egregious an act as the person who provided the questions. In the general election, debate moderators continued to inject themselves into the process against Trump (Martha Raddatz). Clinton and Obama were implicated in videos for trying to incite violence at Trump campaign events. Clinton has accused the FBI for losing the election for her, but the FBI did not make these terrible decisions and then lie to cover things up. Clinton needs to own up to her responsibilities instead of blaming others.

It was the third debate that was the turning point in the election. After the debate everyone said Trump did better except for his shocking answer on conceding after the election which made the headlines. (It is strange how Clinton supporters are the ones protesting while the media showers them with praise for operating their Constitutional rights while Clinton and Obama have done very little to stop these events.) Pundits said Trump did nothing to sway voters in that third debate – he just spoke to his base. That is 100% wrong, Trump was polling in the 70 - 80 percent range with Republicans and he brought them home with his debate performance. First, he talked about repealing and replacing ObamaCare at a time when premiums were going up 50% nationwide. Second, he assured people that he would place conservative judges on the Supreme Court. He even mentioned if he got a few appointments that could overturn Roe v. Wade. He successfully painted Clinton as extreme on abortion - in favor of third trimester abortions. Third, he assured people he would protect the second amendment. Clinton’s fictional answer on the Heller case should have made headlines, but it did not. However, most advocates of the second amendment understand the Heller decision better than most and her falsehoods did not go unnoticed outside the media. Clinton even claimed to want to overturn Citizens United. Yet, most Americans know that no person has benefited more from this ruling than she has -raking in over a billion dollars mostly from Wall Street (the people and corporations she claims to despise) during this election cycle. Trump paid nearly 100 million into his campaign and rightly called out Clinton for not donating one cent to her own campaign despite being worth well over 100 million dollars. Trump will not accept a pay check as President, but Clinton’s Wall Street like greed is worth noting. Although Clinton was much better prepared for the debates, her lines were rehearsed and did not come across as being authentic (or true in many instances, like her public / private answer bringing Abe Lincoln into fray).

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