Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Should be Felon, Hillary Clinton, Wins by Landslide

Trump will suffer a humiliating defeat to a highly flawed candidate is much to blame on himself. His rhetoric and blunders were a daily common occurrence. But it is safe to say that the media went all out to get Clinton elected. November 8th will be a sad day for America. Clinton should collect over 350 electoral votes and win by over 7.2 million votes – that equates to about 5.5 points (according to my latest forecasts).

It seems the electorate is more concerned about Trump’s words and alleged treatment of women than Bill Clinton’s proven offenses and Hillary’s treatment towards Bill’s accusers. It is sad because Trump has a fairly solid record of placing women in top management positions and paying them equally in his company.

It seems the electorate is more concerned that Trump is not going to necessarily accept this outcome based on recent videos showing how the Left and the Clinton camp plan to use voter fraud in the election. And let’s not forget Hillary never accepted the outcome of the 2000 contested election between Gore and Bush. She claimed Bush was “selected” president and not “elected” president.

The electorate does not seem to care about Hillary’s lies about Benghazi where four Americans including an ambassador were killed. Worse yet, she left dozens of American’s stranded who would have also been killed had it not been for the bravery of a few soldiers.

The electorate does not seem to care that Hillary placed our national security at risk with her unprotected use of a private email server and the fact she perjured herself to cover up her actions. They do not even care that Obama lied about his knowledge of the server.

The electorate does not seem to care that Hillary and Obama were shown on tape to have employed a person whose job it was to incite violence at Trump rallies to make it look as if Trump supporters were violent, bigoted and racist individuals.

Nobody seems to care that Hillary used her position at the State department to promote pay for play with the Clinton Foundation. And nobody cares she accepted monies from rogue countries that support terrorism and civil liberties violations against women and gays.

The electorate does not care that Wikileaks proved that Clinton is two faced and hypocritical on many positions and was even shown to have great disdain for just about every group of Americans including religious groups, Latinos, and African-Americans.

The electorate does not care that Wikileaks revealed a cozy relationship between Clinton and the media including giving her advice and even leaking her questions to town hall meetings and interviews. And of course, the media refuses to cover any issues I am bringing up in this article.

Nobody seems to care about Hillary’s abysmal record as SOS including chaos in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Yemen and bad deals and treaties with Russia, Iran, and North Korea. And let’s not forget the growth of terrorism including al-Qaida and ISIS under her watch.

And finally, nobody seems to care that Hillary will be a third term of Obama that will include prolonging failing policies such as ObamaCare, hurtful business regulations, and illegal immigration amnesty. And worst of all, Clinton will appoint liberal judges who will change the landscape of America forever on issues such as guns.

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