Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to Legally Rig the 2016 Presidential Election

First, I would like to point out that although all the pundits said Trump did poorly in the last debate because of few answers and the fact that he did nothing to convince voters outside his base, I totally disagree. Trump is having a tough time with Republicans and his answer on the Supreme Court, immigration, abortion, and gun rights should help convince a few hard core Republicans (especially religious ones) to join him.

When a third party is polling fairly well in a presidential election, it is fairly easy to use a legal strategy to try to affect the outcome of the election. It attacks the flaws of the Constitution where the winner is not who gets the most votes, but who gets the most electoral votes. It is a bit risky and both candidates have the opportunity to apply the same strategy. So how is this done? First, look at states where the third party candidate (Gary Johnson) is polling well and Trump has little chance of winning. Second, tell your supporters in that state to support the third party candidate (Gary Johnson). It is that simple. The goal is to push Gary Johnson over the top in those states and keep those electoral votes from going to Clinton. Obviously, Clinton can do the same thing, but she is ahead and thus the risk for her to employ this strategy is much higher. Besides, Clinton cannot win if it goes to the House of Representatives.

The obvious state to have Trump supporters to vote for Johnson is in his home state of New Mexico. This is no brainer and would easily take 5 electoral votes away from Clinton. Other possibilities include Minnesota (10 Electoral Votes), Pennsylvania (20 Electoral Votes), Virginia (13 Electoral Votes), Washington State (12 Electoral Votes), Maine (4 Electoral Votes), and Colorado (9 Electoral Votes). It also appears a large number of people in Vermont (3 Electoral Votes) plan to write in Bernie Sanders. I would instruct Trump supporters to do the same thing. That is a total of 76 Electoral votes to potentially take away from Clinton and to keep from getting that magic number of 270.

Clinton has possibilities in Oklahoma (7), Missouri (3), Arizona (11), Indiana (11), Montana (3), and Arkansas (6) for a total of 41 electoral votes. Also, Utah is no brainer, if she pushed her support to Evan McMullin she would take 6 electoral votes away from Trump.

Right now the Trump camp is behind and as he would say when reaching out to Black Voters “What do you have to lose!”. Trump stands a better shot winning the presidency if the race goes to the House than winning outright. If that were the case however, and both McMullin and Johnson won states, I would guess one of them would be the next President.

The biggest flaw in Presidential elections is not who gets the most popular votes, but who gets the most electoral votes. And if no one gets enough electoral votes, the House of Representatives decides the outcome which is overwhelmingly in control of Republicans.

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