Monday, August 22, 2016

The Wimpy Generation

A generation lasts about 25 years. The era of World War II and the industrial revolution has been widely recognized as this nation’s “greatest generation”. In 75 years, or the span of 3 generations, we have gone from the greatest generation to the wimpy generation.

The greatest generation destroyed the two biggest evil threats to modern civilization. They built this nation’s infrastructure. They modernized energy, transportation, and industry.

In contrast, what can the current generation claim? They have accomplished nothing yet, but they are quite vocal. The only thing the present generation my claim is that of being wimpy.

While the greatest generation was storming the beaches at Normandy, the wimpy generation is working on stifling the free speech that those men fought and died for in World War II. While the greatest generation was thwarting evil in Europe and Asia, the wimpy generation is demanding “safe places” on college campuses.

While the greatest generation was traveling the world and modernizing industry, the wimpy generation is unemployed and lives in the basement with mom and dad and spends their day playing video games.

While the greatest generation saw the greatest evil on this planet in centuries, the wimpy generation suffers from all kinds of ailments and anxiety. Doctors continue to make up new syndromes and disorders that inflict this sickly generation.

While the greatest generation was hard at the work, the wimpy generation finds time to blame others and make excuses for their shortcomings.

While the greatest generation was hard at work, the wimpy generation gets offended easily and is more worried about political correctness then actually caring for their own families.

While the greatest generation was concerned about helping others in need, the wimpy generation is too concerned about themselves to care about the needs for others. The wimpy generation is selfish, hypocritical, and narcissistic. In fact, the wimpy generation is so ignorant that it understands and knows absolutely nothing about the sacrifices made the greatest generation to protect their freedoms.

It is true the wimpy generation has seen two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has also seen an ongoing fight against terrorism. But these are fights we are losing and it is not because of the failure of our military, it is because of a failure of our political leaders. The greatest generation defeated evil because our political leaders yielded full control of the military fight to our military leaders. Today, political leaders place too many barriers on the military to be successful. They micromanage their plans, regulate combat rules, eliminate interrogation techniques, and fail to see the seriousness of the threat at hand. Modern politicians are too arrogant and narcissistic to yield any power to the military to do their jobs. Obama as the commander in chief is an oxymoron – Obama has no military experience (even political experience). Obama epitomizes the wimpy generation and could be the poster child of what to expect from our current youth leaders.

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