Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Modern Definition of Liberalism

After many years of blogging and following the political landscape of this country, I now believe I know the true definition of modern liberalism. In fact, the definition is the antithesis of the JKF era of liberalism when he asked the people of the United States “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can for your country”. Instead, modern liberalism born under LBJ is quite different and much more selfish. Yes, modern liberalism is about expecting responsibility and accountability from others and not from one self. LBJ started this mindset in his “Great Society” war on poverty. And it has culminated in Obama’s America.

We certainly do not have to look any further than Bernie Sanders 2016 election campaign to see the effects of modern liberalism. Sanders is promising people “free” everything and nearly 50 percent of Democrats are eating this up, especially the younger generation of the electorate. Think about this for minute: Our youth and the future leaders of this country expect “free” stuff from their neighbors without actually contributing anything tangible to our society in return. This is the sad state of our country. This is not the American dream, this is the Greece dream for a blueprint for a deadbeat society.

Obama has expanded welfare payrolls started by LBJ to astronomical and of course unstainable levels. Charitable and tax contributions by responsible people are never enough. And what is the result of our welfare system – higher poverty levels and those receiving welfare have to do nothing in return for stealing from their neighbor’s good will and take advantage of their high level of accountability and responsibility. This generation is so selfish that it will stifle the free speech of others just because they do not like their point of view. Liberals may not like your viewpoints, but they sure like your money.

I have said this hundreds of times, I do not care if someone is liberal, I simply expect them to practice what they preach. If they preach renewable energies I expect them to drive a gas efficient cars and install solar panels or wind turbines. Unfortunately, this is not what happens. They preach it but they expect our companies and neighbors to make those sacrifices – not themselves. If they preach higher taxes for their neighbors then they too should pay a higher share and be happy to do so.

This is why the government tends to grow under liberal leadership. They need massive numbers to make sure everyone is following their ridiculous laws of nanny state regulations and ensure to punish naysayers to climate change and the liberal manifesto.

It is not surprising that the modern era of liberalism is defined by selfishness and hypocrisy since we live in the narcissistic generation of social media. We are truly devolving as a society and nation. Whether our next president is Trump (he is a liberal too) or Clinton, our next generation of citizens will get what it deserves as a result of their bad choices, decisions, laziness, and unaccountability. Until people start to look in the mirror (and not to admire how great they look) and practice their beliefs by leading through example and not worrying about their neighbors, this country is going to nose dive into the abyss.

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