Friday, July 15, 2016

Radicalism and Extremism Trump Reason and Commonsense

Today, it is basically impossible to have a conversation over race or any other controversial topic. Why? Because extreme and radical views of a few trumps reason and commonsense of the many. We live in a divided country mostly polarized by politics that is fueled by 24/7 opinion shows on news stations. We live in a country that is incapable of having debates over controversial issues because many are brainwashed through propaganda garbage conveyed in our media outlets. Most individuals are too sensitive to have a rational discussion. Political correctness is a good example of this behavior and now everyone gets offended way too easily. We live in a country where we spend more time and energy trying to silence critics and adversaries first amendment rights than trying to have reasonable conversation.

When the President of the United States talks negatively about the police and only points out White on Black crime what is the result: Unreasonable groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM). Is anyone surprised that police officers are targeted and being murdered around the country? I am not since that is often the message portrayed by BLM!

Is it hard to grow up in the United States as a minority? Without a doubt, I know it is (I grew up in poverty). However, I do not know what it is like to be Black and face racism and discrimination by bigots. Do the police target minorities more so then Whites? I am sure they do. I know discrimination exists, but anger and violence are not the answers.

Our government has destroyed races: Native Americans and now Blacks. Both are segregated on reservations or in inner cities. They live in poverty dependent on welfare from the government to exist. They are dependent on alcohol and drugs. They do not have a good education and have no prospects of any kind of work. They are more likely to have come from broken homes (especially without fathers). They resort to a life of crime and that is the reason there are more minorities in prison (based on percentages of the total population) and they are more likely to be targeted.

Yet, what is our solution to the problem: Diversity, affirmative action and other ways to discriminate against another group of people (which creates more anger). Black Lives Matter wants to eliminate the police department. Politicians want more gun control to stop crime or want to make prison sentences more lenient. Really? If this the answer to our race relations problem then we are totally missing the point. Unfortunately, these radical and extreme views will trump reason and commonsense to provide Blacks a better education and to wean them off welfare.

Unfortunately, with the poor leadership we have, the new norm is increased crime – especially hate crimes (including attacks from bigoted terrorists). When brain dead opinionated media types such as Anderson Cooper believe the Florida attorney general cannot have compassion for those that lost their lives in the Orlando terrorist attack because she does not agree with gay marriage, there is no way any conversation in this country will be productive. Hence, in Cooper’s view, if you are not in favor of Gay Marriage you must be a bigot. And that is the problem with how most people think today. They see bigotry where none exists. For instance, some police shootings, broadcast on the news, against Blacks were warranted. And folks wanting a “temporary” ban on Muslim immigration until the system is fixed are not all bigots.

Society is much too sensitive, brainwashed, angry, and radicalized to solve our race questions. Therefore, I expect things to get worse before they get better. Especially since neither Clinton or Trump will provide the right leadership (hopefully not as bad as Obama).

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