Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kasich, Romney, and Bush are Sore Losers

John Kasich and Jeb Bush were not my first choice for President, but I certainly preferred them to Donald Trump. I may not agree with all of Kasich and Bush policies but I always thought them to be persons with the highest integrity. I understand they do not like Donald Trump, but they signed an agreement to support the GOP presidential candidate and unite the Party. However, they have refused to hold up their end of the deal. This has certainly changed my perception of both Bush and Kasich. I now find them as sore losers and cry babies who would be happier if Hillary Clinton would win the White House. Maybe their opinion would change when she selects the most liberal justices to serve on the Supreme Court. I am highly disappointed with their behavior. I remember when handshakes and agreements meant something. That does not seem to be the case anymore.

I also find Mitt Romney’s behavior disgusting. I understand that he does not like Trump, but he does not have to sabotage Trump’s chances by handing the Presidency over to Hillary Clinton.

I do not like Trump, but elections have consequences. If Trump loses this election then the landscape of the Supreme Court will shift for at least one generation if not more. This is what is at stake and people need to suck up their pride, tame their ego, and bite the bullet.

If Romney, Kasich, and Bush ever try to run for office again, I will speak out against their candidacy because they cannot be trusted since they have backed out of their word. This behavior is worse than anything Trump has done while running for office.

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