Saturday, February 20, 2016

Victims and Villains

After watching a Democratic debate, I had to see if the U.S. Census Bureau tracked victims and villains. They did not, but that did not stop both Sanders and Clinton from blurting out statistics on the subject. From the debate, it is clear that Democrats would classify 99% of all Americans as victims while the other 1% of citizens are wreaking havoc on the other 99% - they are the villains. After carefully watching the debate, a victim can be defined as a person that is female, poor, a minority, and even an illegal immigrant. Females who must pay for conception and or an abortion are victimized the most within in the female gender. Victims can live in poverty, but can be above the poverty line if they collect welfare. Victims are anyone who has been convicted of a crime and had to spend time in jail – especially if you are black. Victims also include anyone who has paid for a college education or healthcare. Victims work for a minimum wage and often pay no or very little in federal taxes.

People who feel the federal government or their neighbors are not doing enough to help victims are also victims. Victims are also classified as being ungrateful towards those who fund their existence through welfare programs. They not only expect more compensation, but they feel they deserve it even for doing nothing or very little in return. It is okay for victims to be irresponsible and unaccountable for their actions.

Villains, on the other hand, are often defined as wealthy persons who often work on Wall Street. Villains pay over 95% of the taxes in the U.S. and donate over 90% of all monies to charities. Villains also create more than 85% of the jobs in the private sector. Villains are responsible and do not accept any government handouts. It is also strange, but police officers are also classified as villains.

Although Democrats place the number of victims in the U.S. at 99%. There are people who do not want or accept government help. There are other people who may take government assistance for only a short period of time to get back on their feet. These people are not victims, they are actually villains based on the Democratic definition.

No question, but if you put a Democrats brain in a bird, it would fly backwards. They continually want to reward bad behavior and punish good behavior. But go figure, this is what our young generation wants. Keep in mind, the leader of the victim cause, Hillary Clinton, is constantly being scrutinized for lying, cheating, and breaking the law. In fact, her one day speaking fee earns more than the annual salary of 75% of those villain CEO’s. Yes, Clinton is of course the chief leader of this hypocritical conspiracy theory.

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