Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Over 100 Failures of the Obama Presidency (Part IV)


77. Fast and Furious – The DEA lost track of guns that they purposely gave to Mexican Drug lords. The guns were used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and a US boarder agent: Brian Terry. No one has been held accountable.

78. DOJ Targeting – The DOJ violated the “freedom of the press” by targeting media pundits such as James Rosen and Sharyl Atkinson to find leaks within the agency.

79. IRS Targeting – The IRS targeted conservative groups applying for tax free status in an effort to minimize their impact during the 2012 election. A partisan liberal DOJ investigation found no wrongdoing and therefore no one was held accountable.

80. Benghazi – The cover up and then Obama went to a campaign event the next day in Las Vegas. He could not even take a day off from campaigning to respect those that were fallen.

81. Hillary Clinton – Benghazi and her email scandal of sending classified information over an unsecure server.

82. National security leaks – The administration routinely leaked sensitive information to the NY Times to make them look good in the public eye. For instance, the bin Laden killing and the Stuxnet cyber virus used to stifle the Iran nuclear program.

83. War on Terror – The Obama administration has been lying to the American public about US military success against ISIS and the war on terror. They were deliberately altering military talking points to paint a better picture about the fight against terrorism.

84. VA – More than 100,000 veterans have died under Obama’s watch waiting for medical care. 85. Elections – Obama illegally obtained and used social media data to identify and recruit votes.

86. Pigford – In the 1990s black farmers won a discrimination case. Today, Obama continues to pour money into the settlement fund – far beyond what was deemed necessary.

87. General Services Agency – The agency spent 1 million dollars of taxpayer money for a Las Vegas conference that consisted of lavish parties, gambling, and even prostitutes. At least the head of the department was held accountable.

88. Kathleen Sibelius – The head of the Health and Human Services Department botched the ObamaCare rollout, jeopardized Americans privacy because ObamaCare sites were unprotected, and she was a tax cheat.

Race Relations

89. Prejudice – The administration continually brought attention to cases of perceived injustices against black people by Whites or the Police: Gates, Garner, Martin, etc. Most cases were proven that no crime was committed. Obama has never talked about black on black crime, black on white crime, black on Hispanic crime etc.

90. War on Police – Obama’s war on police has led to the highest violent crime rates in major cities around the country in decades.

91. Christianity – Obama has refused to recognize any of the violent crimes carried out by Muslim extremists against Christians around the globe.

92. Muslim Extremism – Obama has refused to associate Muslims to extremism.

93. Polls – Race relations in the US are at their lowest point in nearly 2 decades.

Hypocrisy and Job Inefficiencies

94. Immigration – Obama filed suit against any state that had tougher immigration laws than federal statutes. However, he has failed to file suit against states or cities with more lenient immigration laws than federal statutes (sanctuary cities).

95. Transparency – Obama claims to be the most transparent administration in history, but records from FOI prove that the opposite is true.

96. Press Conferences – Obama had the least amount of press conferences out of any president since JFK. Is that transparency?

97. Teleprompter – With a teleprompter Obama is elegant, but without one he is longwinded and for the most part an incoherent gaffe machine.

98. Golf and Vacations – Personally, no one has a problem with the President taking vacations and having some personal time. But no one takes more personal time then this President (Including campaigning and lots of lavish parties).

99. Talk Show TV – Obama is the talk show president. He goes on these programs to face “softball” questions.

100. Campaigning – Obama is the campaign president. He would campaign instead of work on issues and problems.

101. Paranoia – The Obama administration is Nixonian in many of its policies. It incorporated a “snitching” policy for Americans to report their neighbors if they spoke badly about ObamaCare. Obama also created an “Enemies List”. NSA spying, allied spying, and media targeting have already been discussed.

102. Blame storming – The Obama administration blamed GW Bush for many of its problems and short comings throughout his tenure. Unfortunately, Obama would also take credit for things that were not necessarily his doing. For example, Obama said Iraq was one of his biggest success stories, but once the situation turned dire in Iraq he said it was Bush who got us into this mess. He tries to have it both ways. He took credit for the killing of bin Laden even though the intelligence garnered was by the Bush administration using enhanced interrogation techniques.

103. Radicalizing America – Everything Obama has done is to radicalize this country: To transform it into a more socialistic society. I do not know what it is like to be black. I am sure Obama faced much prejudice and racism growing up. But to associate with radicals such as Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and other radicals is extreme. Fifty years ago, Martin Luther, who faced harsher scrutiny growing up than Obama, would have never been associated with those types of thugs. America was good to the Obamas. For instance, they benefited from affirmative action and diversity policies at the expense of another person to get ahead. Yet, Michelle, did not feel vindicated for her distain of America until Obama was elected president. It is never good to elect a person who obviously has a great deal of hate and animosity towards American exceptionalism. This has led to a highly polarized nation and of course it has led to the increase in criminal activity. Much of this can be witnessed through Occupy Wall St and Black Lives Matter.

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