Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Liberalism and Sexism, Lies, Hypocrisy, and Deceit

What is this country coming to? I cannot stand it and liberals are behind it. Just in the past week we have seen the following nonsense:

Harry Reid asking for Marco Rubio to resign from the senate for missing too many votes. I wonder why he didn’t feel that way about Obama, Clinton, or John Kerry when they ran for president?

Liberal moderators at conservative debates (John Harwood) lied and passed judgement in their questions to presidential hopefuls.

Hillary Clinton has already used the “sexism” card against her opponent – Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton was caught in several lies during her Benghazi hearing. She knew it was a planned attack from the get go; she claimed Sid Blumenthal was not an advisor; and she said 90 to 95% of her emails were archived at the State Department. Her emails tell a much different story. Still the media and the Left said Clinton’s testimony was brilliant.

Obama placed ground troops in Syria to fight ISIS. Yet, he has still not asked for congressional approval to go to war. How does Obama get around this and avoid backlash from the left and media? He changes the definition of the word “combat”. The troops are there to fight ISIS, but are not combat troops, so in his view, he is not in a war. I bet if George W. Bush pulled this stunt there were would be a much different reaction.

In fact, Obama claimed the first US military casualty fighting ISIS in Iraq was not in combat when he engaged ISIS to free over 70 hostages.

MSNBC anchor, Melissa Harris-Perry, redefined the definition of “hard work” as only applying to slaves working in cotton fields. Hence, the word “hard work” should not be used in present day speech.

Actor Quintin Tarantino came off his pulpit to declare police are murdering black civilians just days after a black police officer was murdered in New York. The actor was pouring more fuel onto an already highly combustible situation between blacks and the police across the country.

During the Democratic debate, candidates took turns at offering “free” things to the American people. We all know nothing is free – someone has to pay for it. None of them offered their plans on how they will pay for all the free stuff.

Obama continues to deceive people by saying our national deficit is decreasing. That is true, but our debt is still increasing at a record pace. Obama is trying to trick people by talking about deficits and not debts hoping that they can confuse the two. This is another crafty ploy of the Left.

Obama offered this verdict on the Hillary Clinton email scandal before the FBI finished its investigation.

A partisan investigation by the DOJ cleared Lois Lerner and the IRS of any wrongdoing in the IRS targeting of conservative groups scandal. I wonder why the media did not mention this investigation was partisan, but they had a lot to say about how partisan they felt the Benghazi congressional committee was.

Muslims get 240,000 thousand dollar settlement for being fired after refusing to deliver beer because it was against their religious beliefs. On the other hand, Christians refusing to hand out gay marriage licenses or baking a wedding cake for a gay wedding are be being sent to jail and persecuted by the left and media.

So, if you are caught in a lie or want to deceive the American public, just change the meaning of a word and the liberal media will support it. Selective amnesia also helps to make a point: War is bad when Republicans do it, but not so bad when Democrats do it; The VA scandal was not so bad; and Republicans are held to a higher standard (Rubio) than Democrats. And when all else fails, use the race or gender card to win your argument.

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