Friday, October 30, 2015

Obama, not Bush, is the War Criminal (Part II)

The difference between Bush and Obama is that Bush made mistakes and Obama is afraid to make tough decisions and make mistakes. The other stark difference is the media. The media scrutinized every action the Bush administration made while it has given the Obama White House a pass on everything. While Obama and the media has the audacity to say the Bush administration committed civil liberty violations with enhanced interrogation techniques at Guantanamo. The Obama administration is much worse, they are the executioner with their drone program – so nobody gets a trial. In fact, innocent civilians are executed under the Obama program and passed off as collateral damage. Yet, the media has nothing to say about this. While Bush was deemed as evil for being forthcoming and transparent about his fight against terror, the Obama administration has changed intelligence and lied to American public. Obama has leaked national security information to the press on stories that paint their image in a good light – the bin Laden killing and the Stuxnet cyber program. But, on the other hand, the Obama administration unlawfully targets journalists who print stories showing how inept the administration was in handling Benghazi, Libya, Syria, and terrorism as a whole. Obama has moved unilaterally to go to war without Congressional approval in Libya (which is in chaos) and Syria (which is in chaos). Now there is a huge humanitarian problem in these countries and they are fleeing by the thousands to take refuge in Europe. Obama takes absolutely no responsibility for his actions or inactions to get boots on the ground.

The true war criminal is not Bush and Cheney, but Obama. He is the only one who has broken the law – 1. Leaking national security information; 2. Violating the freedom of the press; and 3. Changing (altering) intelligence. Yet Obama takes credit for killing bin Laden using intelligence garnered via enhanced interrogation techniques under Bush. Obama took credit for a stable Iraq even though he voted against the Bush surge, and once Iraq became unstable under his watch he blamed Bush for getting us there in the first place. The entire Benghazi terror attack was a crime and cover up by the administration. They lied about it not being a terror attack and then sat idle and did nothing as a few men fought bravely for hours before losing their lives. Obama never sent any help. And to this day nobody has been held responsible for this attack. And worse yet, nobody in the Obama administration has been held responsible for breaking any laws or lying to the American public. And the media can care less about finding the truth.

So let’s summarize, Bush left office with a stable Iraq but was wrong about the weapons of mass destruction based on global faulty intelligence. Remember, the Iraq war was a coalition of countries who went to war based on the same intelligence. On the other hand, Bush left Obama a very unstable situation in Afghanistan. But, to Bush’s credit there was not one single terrorist attack after 9-11 on our home soil.

The situation is much different with Obama. He has lied about intelligence to paint a rosy picture about his fight against ISIS. Iraq is in chaos and mostly under terrorist control. He moved to go to war unilaterally in Libya and Syria and now they are in chaos and under terrorist control. This has lead to the biggest refugee problem around the globe in decades. Obama has tried to cover up terrorist attacks against our homeland by refusing to admit to the fact they were terrorist attacks – Fort Hood, Boston, and Benghazi. Obama and his surge failed in Afghanistan and left the country unstable and in Taliban control. Obama has negotiated with terrorists and what’s worse he has negotiated with state sponsors of terror such as Iran. He wants to give Iran 150 billion dollars of taxpayer money to kill more Americans and Israelis. Obama leaks national security information that makes him look favorable and persecutes journalists who write stories that show his incompetence. Obama takes credit for things that go well on the terrorism front and blames someone else when they do not. Obama criticized the Bush administration for its treatment to enemy combatants, but under Bush they at least get a trial. Obama kills terrorists without a trial and does not care how many innocent civilians die in these drone attacks. And this is the biggest difference between Obama and Bush: Since Obama never captures terrorists, he can no longer collect valuable intelligence to fight them. Bush collected valuable intelligence including the information that led to the killing of bin Laden.

So who is the real war criminal?

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