Friday, September 25, 2015

What is the U.S.'s Biggest Threat to National Security?

What is the U.S.’s biggest threat to National Security? Well, it isn’t terrorism or Iran. It‘s the man who won’t stop them – Obama and his administration.

1. ISIS is growing and expanding its powers around the world yet, Obama has done very little to stop it.

2. The Obama Iran treaty will essentially give them a nuclear bomb and enough money to sponsor thousands of more acts of terrorism around the globe.

3. Obama clearly favors Islam States over Israel. And it should not be about religion, it should be about Democracy over terrorist dictatorship states.

4. The Middle East is more chaotic than ever before.

5. As violent crime and murders have reached their highest level in decades in the U.S., Obama continues to fuel the violence through his black prejudice. Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement blame Whites and the police for the killing of black residents. Remember, Obama only speaks out (and usually wrongly without facts) against Whites or police injustices including the killing Black citizens (Louis Gates, Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, the Charleston massacre, and so forth and so on). Obama never says it is an injustice when Blacks kill Blacks, Illegal aliens kill anyone, Blacks kill Whites, Terrorists kill Americans (he refuses to call them terrorists), or Blacks kill police. Obama prejudice is fueling the crime spike in America.

6. Obama’s Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) committed a felony and used a private email server without proper encryption to transmit national security issues.

7. Obama told us Al-Qaida was dead and we learned that was not true. They are alive and well.

8. Obama has recognized terrorist states and states that fail to heed to basic civil liberties of its citizens – Iran and Cuba.

9. The Obama DOJ comes down hard on States which have tougher immigration laws than federal statutes, but it fails to enforce federal laws against lenient sanctuary cities and states.

10. The Obama administration has done nothing to secure the U.S. – Mexican border. In fact, Obama immigration executive actions have led to a drove of immigrants crossing the border – mostly children.

11. Russia has been militarily aggressive in reclaiming some cold war satellite states including the Ukraine and Georgia. Obama has done nothing.

12. Obama negotiates with terrorists and state sponsors of terror. For instance, he negotiated for the release of deserter Beau Bergdahl for 5 Taliban terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. It was already mentioned he negotiates with countries that sponsor terrorism and genocide - Cuba and Iran.

13. Obama has already stated the biggest threat to national security is climate change. This is a naïve leader with his priorities in the wrong area.

14. Obama has already given terrorists the same rights as American citizens – the right to a trial in our justice system. Remember, military members accused of committing a crime are not afforded these rights. Yes, terrorists have more rights than our military personnel.

15. Obama’s strategy to kill insurgents via drone attacks and not to capture them has led to a huge hole in intelligence. Obama is more concerned about closing Guantanamo then capturing terrorists and using enhance interrogation techniques to garner information.

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