Friday, September 18, 2015

GOP 2nd Debate: Fiorina Wins, Trump Loses

Here is how the candidates in 2nd GOP debate finished:

1. Fiorina – She stood up to Trump and won every battle and showed more substance than any other candidate especially on foreign affairs and dealing with Russia and Putin - which is surprising because she is an outsider.

2. Rubio – He was steady and was second in terms of substance. He did not get into any fights, but he corrected Trump.

3. Christie – He can tangle with anyone and his demeanor was fantastic. He did not overreact which many thought he would. And he tried to put a stop to the debate format of trying to pick fights between candidates – or at least arguing with substance.

4. Huckabee – Many thought he had a weak night, I did not. The governor rightly pointed out that touting successes is not what a debate should be about. It should be about solutions to help Americans. He is smooth and the most articulate person the stage.

5. Bush – He was in many fights with Trump and won most of them. He defended his brother successfully and went after Trump for trying to legalize gamming in Florida under his watch.

6. Paul – Stuck to his Libertarian views and I thought he called out the hypocrisy of other candidates when it comes to the 10th Amendment and the enforcement of marijuana laws.

7. Walker – Talked the least, but needed to talk more. Had a good moment when he smashed Trump saying “we do not need an apprentice in the White House”. He is my favorite candidate, but he has struggled trying to gain traction and formulating plans. He should focus on how to take down big labor in the U.S. – that is his strength. 8. Kaisich – Probably the best rounded candidate experience wise – Congressman, Governor, and private sector experience. He touted his successes continually. He lost the debate on Iran and the current Obama agreement.

9. Carson – Not a terrible night, but his substance is lacking. He schooled Trump on vaccination studies. He makes some great points, but he does not have enough substance to back them up. 10. Cruz – He seems so fake to me and everything he did seems so scripted, including sucking up to Trump about immigration. He lost his only real fight with Bush about Supreme Court nominees – namely Chief Justice Roberts. Cruz slams Roberts, but Bush reminded him he supported Roberts nomination.

11. Trump – He lost about every battle he had and as the night wore on and the substance of the debate heated up, Trump was nowhere to be found. He was stale and he continues to put forth the same dog and pony show with no additional substance. It is obvious he does not study up on issues like the others – especially outsiders like Carson and Fiorina.

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