Monday, January 19, 2015

The Fairness Inequality (Part III)

Narcissism and political correctness are working to destroy America. Our sense of fairness has gotten more personal and individualized. So much so we are willing to see other people treated unfairly at our own expense. A society that is selfish and can no longer communicate is the worst type of imbalance that can be created in society. Obama’s unilateralism is one example given earlier. But it is impossible for 8 billion completely unique personalities to be treated fairly in their view. Our unwillingness to be compassionate and self-aware simply because we can no longer communicate is creating the biggest imbalance on this planet – me against the world. We are no longer willing to accept a friend’s happiness without being jealous and revolting against them. We can no longer put ourselves in someone else’s shoes to understand their fear, pain, and trouble. We can no longer comprehend commonsense methods. We can no longer debate rationally because we have been biased by TV and media propaganda. We can no longer be respectful towards others even if they have differing viewpoints and philosophies. We blame others for our short comings and have no sense of responsibility and accountability. What’s worse we treat others with different philosophies with hate and distain. In essence, we have become a country of self-centered problem creators instead of problem solvers. In a narcissistic society everyone thinks they are correct 100% of the time and everyone else is wrong 100% of the time. Hence, the belief we are being treated unfairly a large portion of the time.

In the name of political correctness and narcissism even when it seems we are doing something good (fair) it is usually unfair. For instance, we have hundreds of charities and government agencies for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, anti-poverty programs, and so forth. This sounds fantastic, but dozens of programs and charities overlap. Instead of pooling resources together to avoid redundancy and to avoid waste and inefficiencies that is not done. Why? Because there is money to be made in charities and government agencies. Besides, there is more power and control for the people running these programs and charities. For instance, there is very little reason to have juvenile arthritis charities as well as arthritis charities but it is done mostly for being political correct and narcissism. Researchers do not want to pool funding, ideas, and research because it is about being the person who finds that invention or hopefully a cure. What is truly unfair is the millions of people dying each day because a cure could have been discovered if we worked together and did not waste money.

We have to get over ourselves and start looking at the big picture. Everything should not be perceived as being a conspiracy to be unfair to individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, and corporations. What can be done to reverse this trend? Several things. First, make lobbying illegal. Second, unify laws over jurisdictions. Third, limit time that can be spent on phones and computers. Fourth, fine media outlets for failing to offer solutions to controversial issues they cover. Fifth, cap campaign spending and use the rest of the monies raised to pay off the national debt. Sixth, think in terms of equal and not in terms of fair. Seventh, eliminate charity and government agency redundancy. Eighth, spend an equal share of money on school gifted programs and underperforming programs. Ninth, stop standardized testing and restart vocational schools. Tenth, train people to do good deeds on a daily basis. Eleventh, bring back values that include family, community, faith, and an understanding of the Constitution. Twelve, balance life between volunteering and contributions. Thirteen, boycott opinion TV and media outlets. There are dozens of more things that can be done. Many of these solutions are theoretically attainable, but unfortunately they will not even be attempted.

I could go on and on about these fairness issues. They are evident every day. It is unfortunate, but these fairness solutions are the start of the American downfall.

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  1. “Fairness” is probably one of the easiest terms to manipulate in self-serving ways, which is why Obama & Company are so enamored with it. A lot of theft and power transfer can be accomplished under the guise of “fairness” if you’re clever enough and if the public is dumb and/or greedy. Obama has helped the Left to see how easily it’s done, so I guarantee his successors will continue long after he’s gone from office.

    As far as your solutions go, Patrick, some of them scare me. Life isn’t fair nor should we be in the business of trying to make it fair. That should be the message we want to convey. We should be in the business of preserving our basic rights, and then let the chips fall where they may. You suggest we make lobbying illegal, but if you do that you take away my right to express my viewpoint to my representative in the gov’t, because that’s what lobbying is. It’s up to citizens to control the excessive influence of lobbyists by not electing representatives who allow themselves to be unduly influenced to the detriment of their constituents, and I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my rights because of their failure to do so.

    I can understand why you propose to unify laws across jurisdictions; however, this again dilutes the rights of citizens to choose their own laws and punishments. The people of Colorado shouldn’t be held hostage to the preferred laws or punishments of people in Washington, D.C. That’s the whole point of reserving the rights of the states, and if people are unhappy with the laws of their states they have the freedom to go where they find the laws more tolerable. That’s an important right to preserve.

    When you say, “…limit time that can be spent on phones and computers.” That again sounds like an infringement of my rights, unless I’m not understanding you correctly. And what would give us the right to fine media outlets for failing to offer solutions to controversial issues they cover? What happened to freedom of speech and sending a message with your wallet? Campaign spending is also a right, and while I understand the disgust at the influence of money in politics, by what right could we usurp a person’s campaign donation to spend the money in our preferred manner?

    The irony of progressivism is that it breeds more progressivism because of the temptation to try and combat it by further restricting people’s rights, which is what I see happening here. All we need to do to fight the tyranny that is being imposed in the false name of “fairness” is to stand firm for our rights, and the rest will take care of itself.