Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Fairness Inequality (Part I)


One major difference between liberals and conservatives is the difference between fairness and equality. Liberals believe in fairness whereas conservatives believe in equality. Equality is a stable, symmetrical, and balanced state in society. Fairness, on the other hand, leads to chaotic, asymmetry, and or an unbalanced state in society.

How does fairness result in chaos and or an unbalanced state? Let’s examine the liberal Fairness Doctrine. Liberals like this doctrine because it would create balance for political ideology over the radio airwaves which incidentally are dominated by conservatives. However, the Fairness doctrine does not include balance of political ideology over other types of communication mediums dominated by liberals such as TV. Hence, in actuality, the Fairness doctrine is not fair and creates a state of imbalance between liberalism and conservativism because it solely discriminates against conservatives.

ObamaCare is supposed to be fair because it provides poor people the opportunity to obtain healthcare. But the law does not treat Americans equally. In an attempt to be fair the law does stupid things such as force 60 year olds to buy maternity and child care insurance. The law forces some people to change providers, doctors, and hospitals. ObamaCare costs depend on location of enrollees and if participants belong to a union. In fact, the 2000 page law carves out thousands of exceptions treating every participant differently such as government workers and politicians being exempt from using ObamaCare. Is this really fair and equal?

Obama believes ObamaCare and any transfer of wealth is fairness. But in reality this does not work. Despite spending over a trillion dollars a year on anti-poverty programs there are still as many people living in poverty as 50 years ago. However, these actions strip wealth from other Americans skewing the wealth curve towards poverty – it is not balanced or stable.

Everyone believes they have been treated unfairly at some point in their lives. In fact, people are more apt to believe they have been treated unfairly or unequally than vice versa a higher percentage of the time. Hence, our government is constantly trying to develop laws to even the playing field and create fairness and perceived equality. For instance, diversity and affirmative action laws usually try to create fairness by discriminating against another race or gender. Is that really fair and equal? Instead of solving a problem to create equality our government intervenes to create “fairness” rules to expedite an unfair solution. In fact, our government will pour billions of dollars to bring up the performance academically challenged students, but zero dollars to help advanced students to maximize their learning experience. Hence, the end result of standardized testing is a “dumbing down” of our population. Is this fair and equal?

The EPA has created mandates and rules that punishes certain businesses who generate too many CO2 emissions. However, these rules do not apply to all businesses and they do not apply to the general population of people who generated high CO2 emissions. The administration has continually picked winners and losers in industry – in particular in the green industry. The DOJ has decided to enforce certain federal laws such as immigration but not others federal laws such as marijuana. People who work hard are penalized with higher taxes while lazy Americans are rewarded with subsidies. This is our fair society.

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  1. I think liberals pretend to be interested in fairness when nothing could be further from the truth.