Saturday, September 20, 2014

How Low Can the Obama Administration Go?

I have always said it could always get worse – well that is the case with Obama. After the worst 6 month stretch of his administration, the following 2 months have indeed gotten worse.

It was reported that Hilary Clinton and the State Department covered up damaging documents after the Benghazi attack. This was reported by another whistleblower who has come forward. This comes on the heels of a book that reveals Ambassador Stevens would be alive today if Obama had not waffled about sending in reinforcements.

ISIS has gone from a JV terrorist group to a declaration of war following the beheading of two U.S. Journalists and taking over most of Iraq. First, if Obama had not been in such a big hurry to remove all ground troops in Iraq, this would not have happened. Second, Obama has failed to follow the advice of his military leaders and decided to only provide air support while arming the Syria rebels. This is a huge mistake especially since the Syria rebels cannot be trusted (most are also terrorists). It will be a matter of time before these weapons will be used to attack Americans. Third, this approach will certainly have a massive impact - especially collateral damage on innocent civilians. Fourth, Obama has taken unilateral action to go to war with ISIS, bypassing Congress and our Constitution. Fifth, the administration has failed to get coalition of more than 10 countries to support his effort. Remember, Bush had 37 countries on board when he went to war in Iraq. And finally, let’s not forget the irony in all this since Obama has been proclaimed to be that great orchestrator of peace around the globe – he has the Nobel Peace Prize to prove it.

Libya is completely unstable and the U.S. has withdrawn from our embassy. Remember, Obama supported the Libyan resistance to oust Qaddafi. And let’s not forget the administration has said the Middle East situation is one of “tranquility”.

Russia has invaded Ukraine and even shot down a commercial airliner. Obama has done nothing, but enact a few economic sanctions that has done nothing to slow down Putin.

On the economic front, job growth has slowed and the labor market continues to shrink.

The GAO confirms that ObamaCare subsidizes abortions – yet another lie by the administration about this law.

Obama is unable to transcend race in Ferguson Missouri. And yes, the administration had more people attend the funeral for Michael Brown than they did for the reporters killed by ISIS.

And while all this was happening, Obama has not missed a vacation, golf game, or fundraiser.

What do we have to look forward to: Obama confirms he will move unilaterally to enact immigration reform after the midterm elections. Obama also continues to cement the Bush legacy with his escalation of the war on terror.

It is looking more like Republicans should gain 4 to 6 seats in the Senate and possibly a few more in the House. Maybe people are finally starting to realize that Obama is an inept moron.

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  1. Sadly I think Obama can and will go a lot lower before he's done.