Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We have become impatient and intolerant as a whole. It is a sad trend that threatens our freedoms. Why have we become this way and why is this so dangerous?

Intolerant and impatient people have become this way because they only read and watch one side of the story. Hence, they feel they are experts when they are truly ignorant about issues. The real scary fact is these people believe there is no need for debate. And when debates are held these people stoop to abusive tactics such as race or Hitler baiting or fear mongering. These people do not know it, but they are nothing more than glorified brainwashed “know it alls”. And once brainwashed it is impossible to get adults to change the way they think. This is no different than how terrorists are brainwashed. I am not saying Americans are becoming terrorists, but I am saying they are being influenced in a way that can be dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Because brainwashed people are afraid of open debate and accepting opposing points of view or beliefs. Many of us have become intolerant to opposing points of views which accomplishes nothing more than to polarize and divide the people of this country.

The biggest problem with people who read and watch only one point of view is not just that they are being brainwashed, but they are unable to properly form their own arguments and to think for themselves. They are followers to a few people with one-sided points of view. Hence, we are becoming a nation of arrogant problem creators and not problem solvers. It is a scary scenario when a supermajority of Americans cannot think for themselves. In essence, people have unknowingly given up their freedoms by letting the media take over their minds. Here are few examples of this:

  • The President says debate is not necessary for Climate Change because the science is proven (this is very arrogant because the President is not a scientist).
  • We change the meaning of words for the sake of winning an argument.
  • People do not practice what they preach. For instance, Nantucket residents are against an off shore wind farm because it blocks their views. In other words, these people are predominately green energy backers as long as it is not in their backyard.
  • Congress passes massive bills without any debate such as ObamaCare.
  • The Senate defeats the need for supermajorities to pass bills.
  • The CEO of a company is forced to resign because he gave 100 dollars to defeat Proposition 8 (gay marriage) in California.

America was built on tolerance and debate. However, America is becoming the antithesis of the ideas it was founded since a majority of Americans are now intolerant and want to impatiently push their brainwashed views on others without debate.

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  1. Good post, Patrick.

    America has definitely strayed far away from the admirable ideals of the Founders, and look what a mess we've become.