Monday, November 11, 2013

The Media is Soft

President Obama can sit through a 60 Minutes interview and not face any difficult questions about the struggling economy, his drone program, the Benghazi terrorist attack, why he golf’s so much, why he plays golf with womanizer Tiger Woods, why he goes on so many talk TV programs, why he is always campaigning, the shortcomings of ObamaCare, the failures of the Arab Spring, the failures in Afghanistan, and so forth. Instead, he faces softball questions about his favorite food, his dog, and his hip lifestyle.

The media is not only soft towards the liberal cause, it is soft in sports. Every day we hear sports media types ask the dumbest questions to athletes. After a team wins an event we can expect the following questions to the events MVP:

What does it feel like to win?

What emotions do you feel right now?

What where thinking about during that play?

What would say to the losing team?

What kind of bond do you feel with your teammates?

Did you expect to win the MVP?

Conversely, we can expect these questions to go to the captain of the losing team:

What does it feel like to come this far but fall a bit short of winning?

What emotions do you feel right now?

What would you say to the winning team?

Ever since Howard Cosell interjected nonsense into his interviews and color commentary, sports media coverage has been abysmal. A third grader could come up with these questions. I remember Cosell rambling and making comments like “Do you know that man does not like strawberry ice cream.” Well, I could care less. And I can certainly care less about what an athlete feels after winning and losing because it is obvious. None of these media types would make good lawyers because many structure their questions in a leading manner. For instance, “Isn’t it a great feeling to win?” For once, I would love to hear a player say “I am disappointed we won, it does not feel very good.” “I feel sorry for the other team, and really wish another player was selected to be MVP.” “I feel very sad and angry we won, I wish we did a little less to win the game.”

So it is not just Obama receiving those dumb softball and leading questions that no one cares about. Our media is throwing these questions out to everyone, except of course to a conservative.

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  1. There's no doubt that journalism and reporting has become a joke since the profession was taken over by the Left but apparently the money keeps rolling in so they can get away with it.