Friday, November 1, 2013

ObamaCare Worse Than I Predicted

I predicted doom and gloom once ObamaCare was enacted. Thus far many of the things I predicted have started to come to fruition. Anyone who read any part of the Affordable Care Act would have realized there is nothing affordable about it at all and health insurance premiums would skyrocket. At the rate of increase over the past five years for my health insurance – in 15 years my premiums would be nearly 100 thousand dollars a year for me and my wife. This is true for most people and the reasons are clear - ObamaCare places the onus solely on health insurance companies to shoulder the load for reforming the medical industry. For this reason, and of course having to accept all pre-existing conditions healthcare costs have to go up. I am now hear arguments from Democrats stating that health insurance premiums always go up. This is true, but they are going up faster and what’s worse the President promised premiums would go down dramatically. Another prediction that has come true is that more people are losing their current insurance under ObamaCare. This was another lie that was easy to see coming for several reasons. First, insurance policies had to meet a minimum set of requirements under ObamaCare. Secondly, it is easier for companies to pay a fine instead of insuring employees. Thirdly, higher insurance premiums mean some companies are dropping coverage for spouses to control their costs. Much of this was easy to see, but other things have come to light that I did not predict.

First, who could have imagined that the high tech election machine that is the Obama administration could screw up the website for signing up ObamaCare? This is almost comical that they spent 600 million dollars on a system that has to be completely redone. The government screws up everything they get their hands on and then of course the burden fall on the taxpayers to try to clean up their messes. Secondly, despite pouring billions into advertising, young people are not taking the bait to sign up for ObamaCare and would rather pay the fine (which is cheaper). If the young and healthy do not sign up - insurance and medical costs will skyrocket. The mandate that all Americans have health insurance is supposedly what makes ObamaCare financially achievable. Hence, without the young signing up ObamaCare can fiscally collapse. Time will tell. Thirdly, what’s even more troubling is that most people signing up for ObamaCare already have medical issues which will only increase costs. Fourthly, many people signing up for ObamaCare are Medicaid eligible. In other words, states Medicaid payrolls are expanding which will once again raise costs. Fifthly, the FDA just passed a new law requiring people to see a doctor at a minimum quarterly and in some cases monthly to get prescriptions for pain. The FDA is trying to control prescription abuse, but this will place a higher burden on the medical system. For instance, I usually go to the doctor once a year. Now, at a minimum, I have to go at least four times yearly to get my prescription for Lyrica filled (I use it to control neurological symptoms for a disorder I have). That is a bigger expense on me and ultimately will create a larger demand on doctors and therefore increased medical costs. The fact people will have to go to the doctor more will also work to raise insurance premiums further. Hence, the government is punishing good people and the timing could not have been worse for this law (during the time ObamaCare is being rolled out).

Hopefully, the media finally comes to its senses. Recently, CBS has reported negatively about the ObamaCare rollout, the Benghazi cover up, and the NSA spying on the leaders of many of our allies. Maybe, finally, the media will see how the Obama administration has lied to the American public about ObamaCare and turn against our socialist leader.

I argued that the Republicans should not try to stop the rollout of ObamaCare. Unfortunately, until naïve Americans and media personnel see the effects of ObamaCare on themselves they will continue to support this dunce and his social plans. Sure, ObamaCare is causing me headaches in increased costs (I pay more now health insurance than I have ever paid on a mortgage), but others have to feel the pain as well for this law to be repealed.

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