Sunday, April 28, 2013

White House and Authorities Continue to Botch National Security (Part II)

The Boston bombings may prove federal authority’s incompetence better than any other terrorism case. The Tsamaev brothers were no dummies, but there were many red flags that should have resulted in their capture and or imprisonment far before carrying out this horrific terrorist act.

First, the Department of Homeland Security admits that the Russian government warned them that the elder Tsamaev brother was associated with radical Islamic groups in the Chechnya region of Russia back in 2011. Homeland security claims to have investigated the claim and found no evidence and dropped the case after a request to the Russia government for more information failed. This report conflicts with Russian accounts which claim to have warned the U.S. about Tsamaev multiple times over the past two years. Tsamaev spent over 6 months in the Chechnya region in 2011 before returning back to the United States. And let’s not forget, the Chechnya region has the highest rate of terrorism (mostly radical Islam) activity in Russia.

Secondly, the older Tsamaev brother’s best friend and Mixed Martial Arts sparring partner was murdered (along with two others) on the tenth anniversary of 9-11. However, local authorities never questioned Tsamaev about the brutal murders where the victim’s throats were slashed ear to ear. It is hard to believe a Muslim friend of a victim murdered in that fashion on the anniversary of 9-11 is never questioned despite reports stating Tsamaev may have been the last to see his friend alive.

Thirdly, if all of this is not bad enough, the FBI posts pictures of the Tsamaev brothers two days after bombings hoping to get citizen tips to identify and capture them. One would think the federal government would have a picture of the elder Tsamaev brother on file after being notified by the Russian government about his link to radical Islam and the fact they supposedly did a background check on him. Even if authorities cleared his name, one would think there would still be a record of him and facial recognition software would have identified him days before the manhunt concluded (which resulted in the death of a MIT police officer).

Fourthly, the administration granted the Tsamaev brothers citizenship on 9-11 2009. Surely, Homeland Security must conduct background checks on individuals they are granting citizenship to, right?

The point is that this administration, along with federal and local authorities, had several opportunities to identify Tsamaev as a threat, but failed.

Yet, the administration and federal authorities claim the Tsamaev brothers acted alone and received no foreign help of any kind to carry out the bombings. The government must think American citizens are naïve to believe that a person identified as being complicit with radical Islam in Russia carried out a successful bombing act as a “lone wolf”. And to make matters worse, the administration is failing to treat the younger Tsamaev brother as an enemy combatant. After all, if the government and administration admit the Tsamaev brothers had foreign help then they would be seen as dropping the ball on national security.

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