Friday, April 12, 2013

Do Hispanics Want Amnesty?

What is the reason Hispanics vote so heavily for Democrats? I really cannot say for sure, but I do know that the family values preached by conservatives are not working. Hispanics not only increased their electorate by 15% over 2008, but they voted for Democrats by larger margins (the first time they exceeded 70%). The one thing Obama did was sign an executive order that provided amnesty to illegal immigrants who met certain provisions. Is this what excited Hispanics to vote in record numbers and break for Obama overwhelmingly?

I was originally against amnesty of any kind. I was turned off by Hispanics protesting state immigration laws by burning the American Flag and reverting to violence. This said a good number of Hispanics did not really love the United States and certainly would not want to assimilate to American customs. I also thought granting amnesty without securing the Southern boarder would only encourage more Hispanics to enter illegally. However, my opinion has changed. After giving it more thought, even if the Democrats granted amnesty to all illegal immigrants, it would not be advantageous for them to accept it. Hence, this policy could backfire against Democrats.

So what has changed? ObamaCare is one reason! Liberals wanting healthcare reform argued that illegal immigrants would use the emergency rooms at hospitals to receive treatment for free. Hospitals cannot ethically reject treating people who do not have insurance. If Hispanics are granted amnesty they now would be responsible to buy health insurance or pay a fine. This is not going to be cheap (ObamaCare is driving up costs) and will be a big expense to immigrants struggling to get by.

Another financial implication Hispanics will have to consider is taxes. Even if their income is low and they do not earn enough to pay federal taxes, they will have to pay Medicare and Social Security taxes.

It is a big debate as to whether or not illegal aliens collect entitlements and how much. Liberals argue that only legal residents can collect welfare by law. That is true; however a Census report indicates 71% of illegal immigrants (mostly Hispanics) are able to collect welfare on behalf of their U.S. born children. The report also showed some disturbing numbers for both legal and illegal immigrants - they are more likely to collect welfare than other Americans (36% to 23%); they are more likely to be in poverty (23% to 14%); they are more likely to be uninsured (29% to 14%); and they are more likely to be uneducated (29% to 7%). Consider this; new immigrants are also subjected to a 5 year ban on federal entitlements – but of course there are exceptions.

So, if you are an illegal immigrant, why would you want to be granted amnesty and eventually become a legal citizen? They will face healthcare mandates; they will face higher taxes; and they will possibly face a 5 ban on federal entitlements. The Census report confirms legal and illegal immigrants are poorer, do not have insurance, are more likely to be dependent on welfare, and have no education. So what is the advantage of being a U.S. citizen? Economically, this could be a disaster for many illegal aliens.

Finally, the U.S. would be forced to implement a national ID card to enforce amnesty and illegal immigration policy. This is not something many Hispanics favor based on their objection to Arizona and other state immigration laws requiring citizens to carry proof of citizenship.

Currently, illegals can live without the prospect of being deported in many sanctuary states and cities. They can be paid under the table and not worry about taxes. They do not have to assimilate because U.S. companies and governments are already catering to this demographic (For instance, pick 1, for Espanol on all phone options). They do not have worry about healthcare. And in all likelihood, many illegals can collect entitlements now. Why then become a citizen?

Immigration has been a fiscal nightmare for many European nations since immigrants are the dominate users of entitlements. This may be the long term result of amnesty in the U.S. as well. If this happens, Democrats will be forced to enact austerity measures. The Census report indicated that 95% of legal and illegal immigrant households had at least one member earning some income. From this we can infer Hispanics want to work and will need good paying jobs, and maybe at this point in time, they will start to side with conservative economic principals.

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