Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Obama's Weekly Lowlights (6/7/11)

New Jersey – Governor Christie is pulling the state out of the regional cap and trade program.

Illegal Immigration – The Supreme Court upheld the Arizona Immigration law from 2007, which can punish employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. This sets a good precedent for the 2010 Arizona Immigration law that is currently being contested by the DOJ.

Michele Rhee – The former head of the DC school system, who is a Democrat, has recently come out praising the GOP voucher system that was recently rescinded by the President.

Patriot Act – The legislation was extended by the Democratic Senate (remember these are the same people that voted against it when Bush was President).

The National Science Foundation – I like science, but why are spending billions to study shrimp running on a treadmill or to build a robot that can fold laundry. These are just a few of the outrageous projects they are working on.

The Budget – We are approaching 800 days since Senate Democrats last passed a budget.

Libya – The house overwhelming passed an order to prohibit ground troops in Libya. And what’s even more disturbing is NATO refuses to provide a timeline for the conflict, however, those timelines were demanded for both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

USDA – They spent a few million dollars to replace the food pyramid with a pie chart. I am glad that got cleared up.

Litigation – Texas is trying to adapt a system where the loser pays for the court costs. About time!

Anthony Weiner – The New York Democrat finally admitted he took and sent lewd photos of himself to interns. However, Weiner first lied about the action for the better part of the week before coming clean. And here is the big surprise, he will not resign – typical Democrat.

Greece – The socialistic nation has decided to cut taxes in order to spur economic growth.

Debt Ceiling – The House defeated an Obama backed measure to raise the debt ceiling by 2 trillion dollars with no strings attached – in other words, without any budget cuts.

Economy – The private sector only added 38 thousand new jobs in May. April’s private sector job growth was adjusted from 179 thousand to 177 thousand. Thus, unemployment is up to 9.1 percent. And in another bad sign, auto sales also stalled in May.

Van Jones – He is claiming that Paul Ryan’s budget plan does more damage than what al-Qaeda can ever create.

New York Times – Editor, Bill Keller, is stepping down, but they will replace him with another far left liberal.

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