Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama's Weekly Lowlights (6/13/11)

Vivian Schiller – The former NPR CEO, who unjustly fired Juan Williams, has ended up at NBC – No surprise here.

Illegal Aliens – A Houston police officer, Kevin Will, was killed by an illegal alien gang member.
Yemen – Yemen’s president has stepped down after massive protests. The country is the latest to face Arab Spring protests.
Egypt - "Amid the upheavals in Egypt since January, reports have begun to emerge of a surge in disappearances of Christian Coptic girls," the Australian reports.
Debt Ceiling - If lawmakers cannot come to an agreement on the debt ceiling by mid-July, Moody's warns it may downgrade the United States' credit rating.
Hollywood - Hollywood executives have been caught on tape admitting to promoting a liberal bias in the media.
China - The Wall Street Journal reports some troubling news about China. "Google Inc. said Chinese hackers targeted the email accounts of senior U.S. officials and hundreds of other prominent people in a fresh computer attack."

Mandates and Regulation – If you do not like mandates, one report states the obvious: the way to avoid them is to earn less money. This is the new American way.

Peace Activists – Three liberal peace activists were arrested for feeding 40 homeless people in an Orlando Park without a permit. It is ironic when our liberal laws start preventing liberals from participating in their own causes.

The Party of “No” – That would be the Democrats – No plan on how to eliminate debt; no plan for releasing a budget; and no plan on how to create jobs (since the failed stimulus).

The Economy – Obama is now on record for blaming the Japan earthquake, local natural disasters, gas prices, and the European economy for the slow recovery in the U.S. I can only imagine if Bush blamed things like Katrina and gas prices for the recession and how that would have gone over with the media.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – The head of the DNC has been busy inserting her foot in her mouth – the latest rant suggests the GOP is dragging the U.S. back to the Jim Crowe era. I just do not understand the continual race analogies set forth by Democrats.

Dan Boren – The Oklahoma Democrat is going to retire and the GOP should win this seat in 2012.

Austan Goolsbee – Obama’s chief economic advisor is calling it quits after failing to turn the recession into a recovery.

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