Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Finally, Proof of Russian Collusion

It has been over a year, but investigations have finally shown proof of Russian collusion to influence the 2016 presidential election. The sad reality is that much of the media is refusing to cover the story because the outcome is not what they expected. No, the Trump campaign did not collude with the Russians. The guilty party was the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration. What transpired is exponentially worse than Watergate because it involves corruption at the highest levels of the State Department, law enforcement (FBI), and the Department of Justice. All three of these departments colluded with a former British Agent, Richard Steele, who in turn bought information from Russia to construct a phony dossier of President Trump. The Trump dossier was then used to obtain dozens of Freedom of Information Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants to spy of a Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page. The spying of Page continued from the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, and the Trump presidency. Page has never been charged with a crime and while there has been no collusion or crimes committed by the Trump campaign with Russia, there has been plenty of collusion with Democrats. There was a “never Trump” movement within the highest circles of government and they did whatever they could to affect or change the outcome of an election. This is a Constitutional crisis with huge implications. Government is to protect the rights of citizens and our Republican elections. When government interferes with the outcome of an election by violating the rights of citizens and candidates this is essentially a coup d’├ętat. The checks and balances of our government is to prevent these types of things from happening. That is why congressional oversight of our law enforcement and government agencies is so important. While Democrats and agencies try to protect themselves from disclosure of information, it is apparent they are guilty of not only obstructing justice, but of treasonous crimes against the State. When agencies fight transparency and they criticize those investigating them as being un-American, then the investigators are on the right track. People need to go to prison. This is bad. What is even more disturbing: had Hillary Clinton won the election we would have never learned the lengths at which people violated the law to circumvent an election result. That is scary. That is why consequences need to be long and lasting. The thing I cannot figure out is how incompetent Democrats really are. Why push for investigations into crimes that only you are guilty of committing? Why push for Russian collusion crimes when only you are guilty of committing? Sure, Democrats tried to frame it to look like it was Republicans that were guilty of the crime of Colluding with Russians to change the outcome of an election, but when the incriminating evidence planted by the Democrats was phony, the scheme was going to be uncovered. Is this arrogance? Maybe. The Democrats essentially led investigators to their doorstep. But Trump hysteria has caused many people to act in such irrational ways. They have become desperate to change the outcome of an election they would do anything even it meant getting sloppy (texting incriminating information, falsifying documents and reports). It is as the old saying goes “who ever smelt it, dealt it”. The stench of a phony dossier and fake news only shows those dishing out the lies are the ones guilty of crime. It is quite common for persons guilty of crimes to blame and frame others. This is no different. Again, I am starting to like what I call “Trump Chaos”. I am not a fan of chaos, but “Trump Chaos” is controlled in the sense the markets and economy are doing well. But the chaos surrounding Trump is showing the true colors of the media and Democrats. When those investigating the “never Trump” conspiracy are labelled as “Russian” spies and media outlets continually transmit false stories then we know all we need to know about Democrats and their objectives. That is why no one should be surprise that Democrats are behind the Russian Collusion to fix the 2016 election.

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