Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trump is Innocent

I do not like Trump. He is his own worst enemy. But the media will not even give him an opportunity to govern. I have been quiet about Trump because I wanted to see how this whole Russian collusion investigation played out. I did not think he was guilty and after the Jim Comey testimony, I am now convinced he is innocent and he should be given a fair opportunity to govern. Here are the reasons I believe Trump is innocent if everything Comey said was factual:

Comey admitted Trump was not under investigation or a target of an investigation. He also said that Trump told him to “nail” anyone in his circle that may have colluded with Russia. Comey also said that the General Flynn investigation was not complicit with the Russian collusion investigation. Thus, Trump in no way interfered in the Russia collusion investigation.

Trump “hoped” that Comey would find a way to be lenient on General Flynn. Trump never ordered (which he could do) Comey to stop the Flynn investigation. He only desired for Comey to be lenient on a “good guy”. Trump should not have done this but if Comey saw this as a directive to stop the Flynn investigation, he ignored a direct order. If Comey thought this was a crime or inappropriate he did not report it. And if Comey thought Trump was forcing him to do something he was uncomfortable with, then he should have resigned. For these reasons, I do not believe Comey really felt Trump’s “hope” was a direct order. It was a personal desire for Trump and a suggestion for Comey. Trump cleared the room because he realized what he was “suggesting” or “hoping” for may be frowned upon by others, so he wanted to make sure the conversation was private. But just because the conversation was done in private it does not logically follow that the meaning of the word “hope” changes. Liberals have a way of changing the meaning of words to fit their narrative and this is no different.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Representative Devin Nunes have recused themselves from the Russian and Flynn investigations. Robert Mueller was named Special Counsel to investigate these issues. If there was something to hide these things would not have happened. Why didn’t Loretta Lynch recuse herself in the Clinton case after meeting with her husband on a plane? Why was no special counsel ever created to investigate Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservative groups, DOJ targeting of the media, VA fraud, or Clinton’s email fiasco? Because Democrats had something to hide. Comey’s testimony points directly to how Loretta Lynch tried to influence the Clinton investigation. Why isn’t the Left upset with this type of Democratic collusion in an independent agency? Why isn’t the Left upset with the Democratic Party collusion to defeat Bernie Sanders? Collusion only matters if there is an “R” next to the person’s name. More importantly, the Trump administration did not try to stop the Comey testimony by using “executive privilege” as the Obama and Bush administrations used successfully to thwart investigations. If Trump had something to hide, they would have fought hard to stop Comey’s testimony.

Comey also testified that a vast majority of the information reported by the New York Times and Washington Post on the Russian Collusion ties to Trump were completely incorrect and thus, fake news.

All of the leaks were one sided: anti-Trump. Not one leak said the most important thing: Trump was not under investigation. When leaks are one sided and a vast majority of media reporting is proven false and leaks that would vindicate Trump are withheld, I am now skeptical of all reporting on this issue. It has also become alarming to learn that Comey is one of the leakers and for this he loses respectability and credibility because this violates FBI regulations even if the information is considered non-sensitive. Why would Comey do this? Comey’s opening statement proved he had an axe to grind and he wanted revenge on Trump. However, I do believe Comey’s testimony was for the most part the truth for fear there Trump taped the meeting.

So the million dollar question is why did Trump fire Comey? First, let’s face facts, Comey deserved to be fired. He botched the Clinton investigation (for many reasons I will not go into here) and then he botched the reopening of the Clinton case just days before the election. Trump fired Comey for what he said “over the Russian investigation”. Trump wanted to let the public know “he was not under investigation” to get his administration out from the Russian collusion dark cloud that has paralyzed his administration. Trump knew as long as the investigation went on it would be a liability to the administration unless the public understood some real facts instead of fake facts about the investigation. My guess is that Comey would not leak that Trump was not under investigation so Trump fired him and told the pubic what Comey told him “he is not under investigation”. Of course Comey had no issue leaking this information and more information once he was a private citizen with an axe to grind.

Comey’s testimony revealed crimes were committed but they were not by Trump: Comey’s leaking of information and Loretta Lynch’s manipulation of the Clinton investigation. Tim Kaine said of the Loretta Lynch criminal mishandling of the Clinton case “that is last year’s news”. We know the statute of limitations is more than a year for any crime but this is how Democrats think. Even Chris Matthews correctly points out that Comey’s testimony clears Trump of any Russian collusion hysteria. Yet, Comey’s testimony has done little to calm the Left’s insanity of wanting to impeach Trump.

Why doesn’t every one calm down and give Trump a chance to govern. If Trump is half as bad as the Left claims he will do a bad job and the Democrats can win back the White House. This fabrication of news is not making the media look good. And let’s not forget Trump got elected partly because the media did not treat him fairly. The media may just be giving Trump four more years because most people can see through the lies and deceit of the media anti-Trump frenzy.

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