Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Clinton Standard

A few weeks back Hillary Clinton suggested the reason for all her ethical problems was because she was held to higher standard than other Americans. She should be held to higher standard, but we all know that is not true. If it were true, then Hillary would be in prison for a long time. So let’s define the true Clinton standard:

Clinton placed confidential and national security information at risk. Was Clinton treated the same as General Petraeus? Of course not.

Clinton destroyed government records and documents with bleachbit yet the FBI said she had no intent to cover up her email fiasco. The Clinton standard for prosecution seems to be higher than of everyday Americans.

Clinton used her position as Secretary of State (SOS) for “pay for play” politics with the Clinton Foundation. Was Clinton treated similarly to Bob McDonnell for similar improprieties? Of course not.

Clinton lied and covered up the motives behind the Benghazi attack. Not a single person was held accountable for this inexplicable behavior.

Clinton has lied and covered up her health issues for selfish reasons – she wants to be President.

Clinton called 25% of the voting population “deplorable racists, sexists, and homophobes.” A similar type statement cost Romney the 2012 election. Will such a statement cost Clinton anything? Doubtful. Clinton even called Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” racist. She says Trump is supported by the KKK and the Alt-right, but it is acceptable she is supported by Black Lives Matter, the Black Panther Party, and other anti-police groups. It is strange when Clinton says America is already great, yet she proclaims a huge portion of the populous is bigoted and racist.

The Clinton Foundation accepts donations from rogue government around the globe whose politics include supporting terrorism, punishing gays, and demonizing women.

As SOS, Clinton created a safe haven for terrorists in Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.

Clinton and Obama botched the Arab Spring placing terrorists in charge of Egypt and did nothing when Syria used chemical weapons against its people.

Iran and North Korea are on pace to not only have an atomic bomb in the next decade, but to have long range missiles to transport these weapons of mass destruction.

Clinton hit the reset button with Russia and in turn they used her perceived weakness to invade Crimea and the Ukraine.

Clinton helped restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. Cuba is of course a country which fails to practice any basic human rights principles with its people.

Clinton helped start the United States – Iran treaty which has provided them billions of dollars to sponsor terrorism while at the same time lifting economic sanctions.

There are a few underlying themes of the Clinton Standard: Illegal activity, lying, and doing whatever is possible to make Americans less safe by failing to safeguard national security information to making deals that are helpful to rogue countries and terrorist groups such as Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Libya, Cuba, and ISIS. The bottom line is that the Clinton standard is everything that is wrong with politics in America. The Clinton standard is corrupted by money and the quid pro quo process. The Clinton standard is corrupted by doing what is best for them and not the American public. The Clinton standard is to step on the little guy even if it means lying, cheating, or committing a crime.

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